Oh, Maryellen....

...she's done it again. Sweet, generous Maryellen of A Beautiful Mess secretly sent another care package for Flynn QiuQiu, including some beautiful hand-me-downs from her lovely Sophie. QiuQiu has learned to jiggle with excitement at the sight of a new package to open, and was delighted to go through it. Among the goodies were a pair of lovely brocade hightop sneakers...like a girl-version of the ones that are her daddy's trademark. I couldn't wait to put them on her!
She, on the other hand, has never worn shoes quite like this, and was not so sure about them in the beginning. Though, as you can see, this is less real distress and more of her standard comedy act. I told you it was broad slapstick, and as you can see, it is! This girl was born with a funnybone.
She quickly got over her initial distrust of the new shoes and found that they are very nice to stand in. Here she is in head-to-toe Sophie clothes! How cute is this outfit??
The loot wasn't all for QiuQiu.
Maryellen's mother is from Indonesia and lived in Holland before moving to the US, thus sharing a Dutch heritage with my own mother, who was born in Den Haag. I think Maryellen knew that anyone of Dutch descent is a sucker for Dutch treats...those of you who have never become addicted to Speculaas (windmill cookies) are missing out! Taking their name from spices imported from the East, Speculaas consist of an exotic combination of flavors. For me, the combination of ginger, cloves and almonds is irresistible. It's also a flavor that takes me back in time, since both my mother and my best friend from middle school (Margriet...you'll see her drop in here from time to time!) are Dutch.
Maryellen, the goodies have melted all my resolve!


A Beautiful Mess said...

:) Miss Flynn looks too cute!! That top is from etsy,but I think the woman has a shop in Denver.

Enjoy your dutch treats with a nice cup of tea. Maybe some day we can have a nice sit down while the girls play!

Chrissie Larkin said...

wow i am glad that holland is just a little behind flynn!!! :)

Vivian M said...

The high tops are just adorable! And the cookies look yum!
Now all you need is a nice cup of hot tea and your camera at the ready to take more pictures of the pretty Miss QQ!

Yoli said...

Oh my goodness how sweet of Maryellen! That loot is lovely and cookies slay me!

sarahthefantastic said...

Still worried about the book propping up the chair, isn't she? So funny and so smart!
I remember those cookies well. Did you also put them on your finger and try to nibble it down to be a ring without breaking it?

M@rgriet said...

And if you think these cookies look yum, imagine what the big chunks of speculaas in the stores this time of year taste like!! Speculaas is a year round thing, but it comes in all sorts and shapes around December!