OK, I have to admit...the truth is that, in the photo series below, she is not crying so fiercely over the hat. I think she would have put up with the hat. It's a lovely hat, after all. A lovely, piratical hat!
No, the real problem is the Polaroid camera which mommy has been using (or, if you ask QQ, abusing) a lot lately.
She hates it. No...it's worse than that. She's convinced that the Polaroid is an instrument of evil. She thinks it's some sort of black magic in there...and one can hardly blame her. First of all, it makes a very loud and menacing sound when the flash goes off, and then-still grinding bizarrely-it issues from its innards a piece of paper. Not a normal piece of paper either - she quite likes regular paper - this is magic paper, and not the good kind of magic. This paper, strangely shaped and feeling a bit slimy, starts out a milky, swirly kind of white. It then proceeds to stream murky colors until, in ghostly parody, it produces her image.
Wrong on SO many levels.
So we took turns taking these two photos while holding and trying to reassure her. As you can see by the big tears trembling in her eyes, she was not convinced. Sigh. Maybe, with time....?


Vivian M said...

Awwww, it's something new. Kerri was terrified of her bouncing Tigger toy for years. Now she loves the thing. There is hope!

Yoli said...

Look at that little face. She is too little still. I am sure by next year she will be enjoying the camera and the hat.