For Kit

Yesterday after lunch, QQ was feeling a bit bored and blasé. Can you tell by her shades?

She was looking around for something to do. Mommy was busy washing up and daddy away at school. Even Sam the Dog was napping.

What's a girl to do with herself?

I'm coming for you, mommy....

Yes, this is the new, more touchy-feely QQ. Always hanging off a pant-leg or the back of a shirt. Making herself known.

There it is, the look! Remember when she used to just sit on the floor making these faces at us from across the room?

Now she's up-close and personal.

No denying this bid for attention!

C'mon, mommy! DO something!!


Seriously, I can't sit on the floor for another minute.


Hmmm. What could we do to entertain ourselves on a chilly afternoon?

Wait a sec, did I just hear the postman?....

In fact, it was the postman...bearing gifts.

From my mother's dear friend in Woodstock came this box, which a languishing QQ was only to happy to unwrap!

A beautiful hand-painted Matryoshka doll, just like the one that mommy had (also sent by distand friends) and loved when she was little!

As you can see, it was an instant hit...

She doesn't show this kind of love for every toy that comes down the pike...not by a long chalk. Of course, it is her favorite color, which helps.

She was fascinated and intrigued by the various layers and what they revealed - though she became very serious and cautious. It's quite a concept to wrap your head around the first time out!

How do they all fit in here, all those little people?

We are very grateful to Kit for brightening a dull afternoon, and for somehow thinking of just the perfect gift...both for mommy and QQ. I am so happy to see her playing with something that meant a lot to me when I was small.



Snowflowers Mum said...


I bought one from a Russian refugee in Sweden many years ago...he sat on his blanket in the market place, carefully painting each doll.

I gave it as a gift to a child who I know never truly valued it.

I think...the person who made this would be proud to know Flynn is so enamoured.

Yoli said...

I love those and I have tried to find them to no avail. I love how she is enjoying the dolls but I love most those expressions. When she gives you the look, you must melt into the floor.

Juliette said...

We have a blue set and M loves them too.
That look is too much! I could not resist. Maybe it's good QiuQiu puts the shades on or I agree with Yoli you might melt quite often.

Kevin5280 said...

Yesterday after lunch, QQ was feeling a bit bored and blasé. Can you tell by her shades?

Well, living the rockstar life and always being photographed can wear on a girl after a bit. Looks like she's trying to hide behind the sippy cup, too.

You have a great blog. Very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

I love her with the nesting dolls. Love it.

Vivian M said...

She is just precious, and I don't know how you can resist the "LOOK"!
By the way, great dolls, I had a set when I was younger, wish I knew what happened to it.