Back from a short vacation...

We've been in the mountains for a couple of days, using some of my husband's unused "vacation days" (under orders from the management) before the new year kicks in. My husband never takes sick days (the one and ONLY sick day I've seen him take in almost eight years was when we all three had swine flu at once), and rarely uses a vacation day, so this is not the first time we've been ordered to take time off. That's a man with a serious work ethic (can you tell I'm proud of him?)

It was a short trip, but the weather was exceptionally beautiful...and just to take advantage, we decided to pay a mid-winter visit to the place where we were married in early September of 2006. That's just to give you a hint of the wonderful pictures I have in store!... once I'm able to settle back in and do some editing, that is.

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Mamacita said...

I know that place! Merry Christmas to the three of you!

I haven't talked to you in awhile and just wanted to tell you that Sloan-ey is the best little doggie ever. So smart and funny and cuddly and gentle. She's learned to play fetch with herself (not that we don't play plenty with her) by going to the top of the stairs and dropping the ball. She entertains herself for a long time that way! Thanks again!