Oh, this just warms my heart so...

About a month ago, sweet Guusje had the idea to host an international handmade gift swap. Like me, Guusje is a handmade gift addict, as are many of her blog followers. So we all signed up and she matched us with gift partners, and off we went to make our gifts according to our various handmade specialties.
I happened to be matched with Sanneke in Holland, who is a Pippi Longstocking fan. What luck! Of course I had to paint her a Pippi for her gift. It was a lot of fun to make it thinking of her and her family, but I can't even tell you what joy it is to actually see the photos of my painting in her home! (I borrowed these shots from her blog).
Today is Sinterklaas festival, and since my mother was born in Holland (and is half Dutch) I will be celebrating today by decorating the tree with my daughter.

Unfortunately, the slow post has not yet brought me Sanneke's gift, so it's still a mystery! As soon as it arrives I'll be excited to post it on the blog. What do you suppose it could be??


Yoli said...

Oh how beautiful!!!!!!!

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful painting! I love the idea of a swap!