Wednesday is Corner View day (a group project I participate in regularly on my other blog), and it had been a long day. I'd been working hard trying to wrap up the paper doll project and get it in the shop. Q had spent too long winding down for her nap, and had missed the window before her beloved babysitter came over. Q doesn't go without naps...ever. So by the time Audrey left at 6, after an afternoon of many fun activities, she was pretty much exhausted.

This series of shots was taken after she ate her dinner, and while she watched Polar Express. I guess she was finally old enough to appreciate the film, because she was riveted from the moment I turned it on.
Utterly riveted.

She "uh-oh-ed" all the way through the lengthy scene where the ticket escapes the window of the train and goes flying through the wintery landscape.
Eating sprinkles off of the Christmas cookies she and Audrey made this afternoon. Those that were not sucked bare were then hung on the tree.

A little idle doodling, though too tired to really concentrate.
Caught up in the action onscreen again.

She has a Polar Express reindeer bell, which usually serves as an alarm system on our front door. But of course we had to take it down for the movie.
She decided that clamping the ribbon in her teeth and shaking her head from side to side was the best thing to do with a bell. Chewing on her skirt was her comfort zone during the tense rollercoaster moments.
Getting very...very....sleepy...

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Yoli said...

I love your corner views. She sparkles.

Cavatica said...

Maybe I'll pick up that movie. We need some holiday/winter themed movies for BB and this just might be the ticket (didn't intend the train reference - really).