Birthday celebration

Recently, we had the honor of attending a little celebration for our friend William, owner of Indulge French Bistro, which was named Denver's best French restaurant by Westword Magazine this year. We have known William since my husband worked as his sous chef at the Opera House during our early days in Denver. His wife Stefanie came over from France not long after, and they now live in our neighborhood...which means Stefanie and I get to share some long walks around the lakes this year!
Stefanie sets a gorgeous table, and her surprise celebration for William was no exception. We had fruit tart, champagne, and a pairing of miniature berry and chocolate mousses.
QQ even had the honor of helping to blow out the candles....
...which always makes her night!


Snowflowers Mum said...

what fun...next time we're in Denver we'll have to check it out. Tonight we were at the mall and Piper asked "Mum, can you tell me about the quiet french T" for a moment I didn't know what she was on about...you need to give my child French lessons!

Vivian M said...

Does QQ know how to blow out candles yet? Once Kerri figured it out, no candle was safe!