We had a lovely (if short, and also slightly frigid) time in the mountains. Q learned all sorts of new things, like ice skating (whoa, did that ever blow her mind!) and a taste for yellowtail rolls. And if I weren't so very tired (in a good way!) I'd tell you all about it right now. But for the time being I'm deep in the process of fulfilling all the Holiday orders that came in while we were gone, and all the stories (and photos) will have to wait until tomorrow. As it happens, I was just a bit bombarded with shop orders while we were away, and I'll be quite busy printing, packaging and shipping for the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, check out the lovely post about my illustrations at Bloesem Kids.

Hope you're enjoying winter as much as we are! ooxx


chrissie said...

Congrats Maia...withh all things mentioned! love

Vivian M said...

When you get a chance, what are yellowtail rolls?
Glad business is picking up!

Kris said...

glad you all had a good time and that business is booming :O)

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Viv, yellowtail is a type of tuna used in sushi. It's my favorite sushi fish, actually - much paler and more buttery than regular tuna. The yellowtail rolls we usually get involve scallions and avocado (basic), and sometimes asparagus and macadamia nuts (fancy).