Family history

The other day, M's mom came over with a virtual treasure trove of family history, some for Flynn to inherit, some for us to enjoy ourselves. Boxes and boxes revealed their memories in our living room. M's old school projects, his race car coverlet (a treasure from childhood), baby clothes from his sister L's first year. And photos. Photos from every era of M's life.
This first one is Flynn's Nei Nei with M as a baby.

M as a teenager...isn't he handsome? Totally crush-worthy (in spite of mullet).

That's M on the left and his brother S on the right, with a friend.

In his 20s, hiking with dad T and sister L.

M as a baby, with those eyes I fell in love with...hasn't yet developed his trademark smirk ;)

There's the smirk. Well, almost.


Vivian M said...

OK, I like modern M as a geek/dork or whatever it is you call yourselves, but that picture of him dressed to play hockey won us over! Corey is Canadian, and hockey is HUGE here, especially in his family.
Cute pictures!

3D said...

Those are wonderful. I have been wanting to raid the photo drawer at my moms house for a while now. You are inspiring me!

Keep smilin!

kris said...

Oh man I love these kind of treasures, and you know me and photos, the older the better sometimes! He was SO crush-worthy :O)

Tamara said...

What a great collection of photos!Those baby eyes huh? Two of my nephews' had those startling blue eyes when little too.

Yoli said...

Those are beautiful photos, his Mom was a very pretty lady. I love his baby pictures! The last one with the smirk is my favorite!!! What a treasure to have all those photos.

kerri said...

Keepsakes for your daughter to enjoy, I love going through old photos.
M was(is)a cutie. ;)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Now... does he know you put these pics on here... you maybe in deep doo-doo...