Photos taken by LaoLao

Not a whole lot of time to post these days, but I thought I'd put up some pictures my mom took while she was here. She gave me her old laptop to take to China with us, and her idea was to take some photos from home and make a slideshow on the laptop for us to show Flynn while we're in China. Might give her some idea of what she'll see when we get home!
This one is me working at my computer.

Dad playing with Max.

Mommy and her Sam.

A beautiful shot my mom got of he crib...I don't know how she does the light and color this way, but I love it! Very storybook-y.

Toys on the windowsill.
Not much else to tell - pictures of our packing progress are on our travel blog at:


Vivian M said...

Beautiful pictures!

kris said...

I just love how warm and cozy that crib looks. Soon, we'll see it filled with little Flynn's big smile and beautiful eyes. Amazing.

Monica said...

First off, I have to mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Flynn's room.

Second, I don't know how much Flynn would care about it, but Reese (at 2.5 years old) loved to watch funny cat and kitten movies on youtube while we were in China. Her first "English" word was 'meow'. Just thought I'd pass that on.

Good luck!


Yoli said...

Lovely pictures Maia. I am sure you are packing and re-packing! I agree, your Mom captures light beautifully with her camera. How are you feeling girl? Let's see, this day is almost over, so...5 days to China!

C&A said...

Less than a week away!woooo-hoooo!

Tish said...

i am sooooooo excited for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

we have a big collection of those animals. We buy one every time we go for dog food. They are good to have around. Good weight to them.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Love the pictures... forget posting... get that packing done so you can get on your way and we can see what we all want to see Queen Flynn... take care

(Now, before I leave I must say that because of you, you have created a monster in me... it was you who egged me on to learn about photography more... just bought a new lens... oh no... http://snappyadventures.blogspot.com)