A gift of golden pigs

Today, a box came from Vivian in Canada, full of a shower of golden pigs for our golden pig girl! There were a set of gorgeous Canadian stamps from the year of the Golden Pig, a pig ornament, and several cute onesies...but my absolute favorite (so much so that I had to take it to dinner with me. At a restaurant.) was the Starbucks bearista disguised as a Chinese pig. The little pig nose is attached with a string, and comes off to reveal the bear face! He's even carrying a little Chinese lantern. Could anything be cuter? Flynn is going to LOVE it...if Mommy ever lets her have it!
Thank you Vivian, once again, for your unflagging generosity. OX

This is Vivian's adorable daughter Kerri, with a book I sent her. Vivian, this is my favorite picture yet of Kerri - really shows off her intelligent and animated face. She's such a vivid personality! I might have to paint another picture from this image (when I have time to paint again...haha!)


Heather said...

That is adorable! I'm so excited for you all to leave for China! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your journey.

Vivian M said...

Isn't that pig/bear just adorable? I think it is cute/funny you are carrying it around everywhere! But it's also touching that you liked it so much.
Thank you for your beautiful gifts too! They were a lovely surprise, as you can see by Kerri's expression. She has already colored two pages (with just a little help from Mom)!
Oh, and that portrait? Just say when! :o)