Help a bruvva out.

This is my husband.
OK, this is my husband in highschool.
My husband who is going to hate that I put this picture up, because he thinks I'm making fun of him.
Actually, I think he looks cute.

This is my husband in a more recent incarnation.
I may have mentioned that he's currently studying for him MBA.
Anyway, he has a little survey that he needs to have people do for business school.
If you have a moment, click the link and help him out by doing the survey. It's very short.
It'll take you about 90 seconds. 30 if you're a speed reader.
Go do it:


Tamara said...

Ok Maia, that was up there with assignments I had at the ad agency I used to work for (which I got paid for, but never reeeaaaallllyyyy seemed like work). Work doesn't now for me either though (a good thing!).

Carrie&Aaron said...

ok i did the survey-anyways can you tell me how you are making your web page so pretty/cool? or is it something you don't want to share?

Yoli said...

He was cute then and he is cute now. I took the survey as ordered. Can I go now mistress?

Chrissie Larkin said...

all done! of course i am so sick right now i can't remember what i even did! hope you all are staying well there!

Vivian M said...


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Anything for the man... the survey is done! Don't panic Mike... you look as cute as a button when you were a youngster... now, you are older and wiser??? Take care

Stacie said...

I think M and my husband had the same photographer for their sr. pics. I think Kelley topped M with his skin tight, skinny rolled jeans leaning against his white and baby blue t- topped camero. I am one lucky gal!

Happy Vday to you as well!


Stefanie said...

I think that picture of Mike is a good one! My husband's high school pics are downright scary, we both agree. It's a darn good thing he aged well!!
I think the survey would have taken less than the allotted 90 seconds, 'cept I couldn't remember exactly WHO was in ABBA? And 'Dancing Queen' kept spinning around in my brain!! :)

Michele said...

Check one survey doen for me. Happy to help out.

secret agent said...

I did it.........
I have no ipod gasp!