What's in the bag?

I'm feeling a little short on time today so I decided to do a quick "what's in the bag" post: Here it is, the innards of my kangaroo pouch.
- Two travel wallets (I have a tendency toward disorganization which needs to be strictly curbed).
- $12 sunglasses (I lose/break them a lot, so I know where to get the cool ones for cheap!)
- A free P*pyrus portable calendar that I got in the mail (no, I don't have a Bl*ckberry).
- A Seph@ra mirror/brush compact in case I ever need to try on clothes (I don't buy ANYTHING unless I can see the rear view).
- Alt@ids: we're a bit addicted.
- Two different kinds of natural hand sanitizer (one smells like rosemary oil, the other like lavender - two of my favorite smells).
- An Av*da gift card (to remind me of the gift I forgot to get for my husband on V-day, but which I still intend to get him.)
- Two pens (I'm a journalist)
- A movie ticket from the Aztec Theater that just says "Love" on it (I think it was "Love in the Time of Cholera")
- My glasses case (I can't drive without them after twilight)
- An antique key that used to be attached to my car keys, but fell off.
- Pocket change (this is a parking meter town)
- A "Sm*le" tooth whitening ampule (I always carry these because driving is the only time I remember to use them).
- Bigel@w's Ultra #1122 mentha lip shine. It's made with real peppermint and field mint oil and tastes like minty sugar-water. I'm not a big fan of sticky lip gloss, and my lips are always chapped, so this is my best solution.

...and here's a random picture of what our sunporch looks like in winter. I liked the colors.
That is all!
Have a happy day, bloggers!


Juliette said...

Seems you're soon ready to add the diaper bags close by!!! Can't wait to read you had good news and see more of your goofy dances...
Happy Belated Birthday dear Maia!!!

Tamara said...

You have a waaayyyy more together bag than I!

I love altoids. Trader Joe's soft english peppermints tins are nice for the mellower stuff(from a fellow mint-addict to another).

Bonnie'n'Clyde said...

Fortunately, you can't see the other thing that fell out of my bag in great profusion: dog hair.
But the light was good, so the dog hair doesn't show up!

Carrie&Aaron said...

I have a diaper and wipes in my purse-I hate diaper bags! After carring a diaper bag for 8 years now-you will love your purse back!Hhahahaha!

Vivian M said...

Ah the days before baby....when my purse looked somewhat like yours. Now I have messenger bag sized purses that hold a sippy cup, diapers, wipes, lollipops and a small toy. Oh yeah, and my keys and wallet and cell. No longer have room for anything else!

Heather said...

I can't wait until you also have a sippy cup, a snack trap with stale goldfish and a stray pink sock in your bag as well!

Yoli said...

I like your sun room. Is one of the pens a fountain pen? Lovely.