Book order issues...fixed!

My sincere and abject apologies to all of you who have tried to order the book in the past 48 hours, and been unable to order. Canada orders have been going through, but US orders have been failing. We discovered today that the US order option had been accidentally disabled. It has now, I'm told, been reactivated!
Again, I am so, so sorry for the trouble some of you have had, and I am ever so grateful to all you who have logged on to order!!
I have mailed out the first round of personal, signed book labels to those who have requested them. I'm still taking requests, so if you want one, just email me your address and I'm glad to make one for you!


Yoli said...

I got my book today and I love it. Your illustrations are beautiful Maia!

Lisa M. said...

Success! I was able to order mine. I'd love a book label.