Thoughts of motherhood

This is my mum and me. This is how we were, always. Body to body, heart to heart.

Even during the years when I was going through difficult phases, and our communication was less than ideal (fortunately, those times were the exception, not the rule), even then I still felt this close to her. I have been loved by a mother in the best way that anyone could be loved. I have had this gift of loving my mother and being loved by her, the gift of a lifetime. I can only hope that QiuQiu and I might be given that gift as well.

This is my mum and me more recently, in Jackson Hole, in front of the Teton Range, both with cameras in hand. While I don't get to spend this mother's day with her, I have the anticipation of spending time with her soon...something to look forward to!

This, if I even dare say it, is my daughter. I think of her on this mother's day weekend as well. I wish her comfort and sunny mornings and soothing arms to hold her until I can hold her myself. The idea of her, and of the opportunity of mothering her, is larger than words, larger than I can express. It's a great, swelling yellow balloon inside me, a secret behind my smile, a quiet tidal wave.

This is Mike and his mom, early days. We will also miss out on spending this weekend with her, since she's at a friend's birthday party in California this weekend. This is the first mother's day in recent years that we have not spent with her, and I do miss it.
As it happens this weekend is also the anniversary of our engagement, on top of Rubi Hill on the way to a mother's day celebration at her house...another happy memory!

And here, my sister-in-law, with her first two beautiful babies. She is close to having a third! I have so enjoyed watching motherhood bloom in her, watching her babies grow and the beautiful relationship unfold between them. It has been a joy I wouldn't trade for anything.

And, I am lucky enough to have another sister-in-law, as well! Here she is with two of her three beautiful babies last Christmas! With twins to corral, she has been a busy woman this year, and we haven't seen as much of her as we'd like, but it is always a pleasure and a surprise to see how much the boys have grown each time we get together! And of course you all know about our sleepovers with Victoria, her oldest daughter and our most devoted niece!

Here we are, the Larkin women, last summer. Me, LaoLao Susan, my sister-in-law C and her oldest daughter, and my sister-in-law L with her oldest daughter.
"That's a lot of mamas!" was Mike's comment when he saw this picture up on my screen. He's not kidding. A lot of reasons to be thankful this weekend.

- Love to all the mamas in my life, near and far! OX


Mom-of-Bean said...

..and a big hearty and heart-felt "happy mother's day" to you...I'm so glad you are one of us now!

Carrie&Aaron said...

Happy mothers day-even expecting Mommys should have a Mothers day! Thank you for all your kind words-I really needed them.

Heather said...

Happy, happy mother's day to you all! For Mother's Day, I wish you pleasant dreams of Flynn until you can finally hold her in your arms, and, of course, a speedy LOA-TA!

bamboosprouts said...

Happy Mother's Day MaMa to be!

Juliette said...

Happy Mother's day dearest Maia!
Can't wait to see pics of QiuQiu in this lovely room you prepared for her.

Deirdre said...

Happy Mother's Day, mama! I know your QiuQiu can feel your love. You'll be an even more terrific mom once she's in your arms.

Yoli said...

That first picture warms my heart. You will be a great mother because you had such a fine example of love.

I hope to see a similar Mother/Daughter picture of you and Flynn in the future. You are already a fine mother. Happy Mother's Day Maia.

Anonymous said...

Look at all those moms. I am so happy for you that you will soon be joining the ranks. Happy Mother's Day!

Vivian M said...

Happy Mother's Day Maia. And happy Engagement Anniversary too!