Rattles, albums and blankies

Happy new parents! (photo by niece Victoria)

Flynn's first care package, all wrapped, labeled in Chinese and English, and ready to box.

Sam demanding to know what's going on here????
The papoose quilt, which I love, was a gift from NaiNai Susan, and will probably travel to China with us.

All boxed and ready to face customs.

A family photo, all labeled in Chinese for Flynn's first photo album of her new family.

ps - I am not doing well at keeping up with people's blogs this week, and I apologize!! I will be back! I'm just the teensiest bit overwhelmed right now!


Stefanie said...

Oh how sweet! I love how you wrapped and labeled everything for her :)
P.S. How could you NOT get that Etsy nightlight? Geesh, it's perfect for your girl.
All the preparations for Flynn... I am sure there is quite an air of excitement at your house. I am so happy for you guys :)

Snowflowers Mum said...

wow...such care taken! such lovely things...I hope that it makes it to her soon.

Paisley didnt get any of the four we sent, so sad.


Vivian M said...

I love the idea of sending a care package! Our agency would not allow it, but they did allow us to send disposable cameras, and we got the best pictures ever on Gotcha Day. Make sure you label the camera with your daughter's Chinese name! By the way, we developed the film in duplicate in China, and it was not very expensive. And it was priceless to share pictures of other babies with their new parents.
As for the Etsy night lamp....simply beautiful and just fits in wonderfully!

that girl said...

looks beautiful -- our care packages to TheLittles arrived safely. They both still sleep with the lovies we shipped over for them!

Yoli said...

I enjoyed sending Sally care packages. My agency forbid it. I still sent it. I made sure to include a little something for the nannies all the time, like candy or hair scrungies.

I love the blanket!

Stacie said...

Your care package is beautiful! I love the papoose quilt! I remember doing the same thing this time last year- i was so stressed over what to send- plus z had her birthday right after we got her referral and it was so important for me to make sure she and her caregivers knew how much we already loved her.

Such a touching post for me- brings back such great memories of the excitement you have ahead!!!

BTW z got everything we sent but only came home with the stuffed rag bunny we sent (which i asked so that she had some source of comfort from her life in china). I think most orphanages do their best to get it to them.

Thanks for the info on her province. I love hearing about the different provinces and will check it out... have not met any other from this province-

i am so looking forward to your trip!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am sure she is going to love her care package... a box of goodies just for her... take care

kris said...

Oh I love how you did her care package-!! And you're APOLOGIZING for not keeping up with blogs?? No worries, MOM, we know how busy you are getting ready for Flynn! :O)

Carrie&Aaron said...

take your time-you will have less of it when that cutie comes home-just keep posting your awsome pic's! so we can keep up with you!

Heather said...

What a beautiful care package! IS there anything from Etsy wrapped up in there?