A family that loves children

OK, finally getting back into sequence here, I'm going to post our pictures from Memorial day, which we spent at M's sister L's house in south Denver. Here's Opa with (I think I can safely say) Gideon. The twins are finally starting to look individual enough that I can start to tell them apart...if I can only remember which is which!

I had a little epiphany while downloading these pictures. When I was first getting to know my husband, I was constantly amazed by how focused he was with children, how he would light up with them, what a natural he was...as an only child of peripatetic parents, with a family scattered around the world, I did not spend my childhood around infants, so it did not come to me as naturally. I don't think I'd ever met a man who was so joyful with children, so at ease, as if it was what he was meant to do. Looking at his family here, with their ever-increasing brood of grandkids, I realize what it is: his is a family that loves children above all else. And isn't that how it should be? These are people who are never as happy, never as fulfilled or as joyful as when they are with their progeny. What a gift that is - and how lucky I was to find a man who hails from such a family.

NaiNai with Gabriel.

Gideon playing peek-a-bo. How cute is that expression?

Look at the sparkly eyes!!

Opa revealing his grandson.

And here's Victoria, who is well on her way to learning the family skills...look how she protects her little brother! She has also inherited her mom's teaching skills - even when she was only three, she was already playing "teacher" with M and I as the "students", giving us assignments, patiently coaching us, and grading our papers with a stern but gentle hand.

Gideon going airborn. It was not the most clement of days for our Memorial Day barbecue - no fun in the sun for this gang. But that's OK. Didn't slow the kids down!

My sister-in-law L with one of her boys.

M playing grillmaster, and Sam checking to make sure he doesn't drop anything.

Victoria, minding her brothers.

M. in his "happy place": in a pile of giggling kiddos!


Vivian M said...

Oh I see more kids in the future for you two! A house full of them! Even if they are not all yours. (I see many sleepovers, parties and friends hanging out at your place in a few years!).
OK, time to put the crystal ball away.

Vivian M said...

Oh, come check out my blog, there is a little something for you there!