Vail, in brief

So, after our Memorial Day barbecue, we headed straight for the mountains. The heavy drizzle on the front range intensified as we climbed into the mountains, making for some dramatic views.

Fortunately, the skies were clear on the western slope, opening into idyllic spring mountain weather. UNfortunately, by the time we arrived, my toothache had spread to a full-body infection, and I was an invalid for the first 24 hours. I have never had my wisdom teeth removed (I have a big mouth, apparently;) nor have I ever had so much as a cavity. But once every five years or so I get an infection in the very back of my gums. This one was particularly bad, and in the morning I had to drive to the clinic for antibiotics. I am anti-antibiotics (can I say that?) and haven't taken them since I had strep throat about 15 years ago. I was amazed how fast they worked on my infection. Within hours, I was comfortable again, if weak as a baby bird.
So...this is how I spent my "weekend" in Vail.
Actually, it was kinda nice...I didn't realize how seldom I just spend time on the couch with my feet in my husband's lap.

...and my dog looking after me, of course!

This was my only view for the first 40 hours...not that it's a bad one!

Shhh...don't tell grandpa! BAD Sam. Thinks he owns the place.

A sconce in the hall.

By the second morning I was able to take Sam out for a walk around the base of the ski slope. He was pretty excited, although he had a hard time understanding why we couldn't go all the way up the mountain.

Pretty flowerbeds.

New Aspen leaves...just opened and still brilliant green.

On our final day, I was able to muster enough energy to do the very bottom portion of one of our hiking trails. I was tuckered out after about a quarter mile, but it was clear even from there that it's gonna be a banner year for wildflowers in the mountains.

Can't WAIT to take my mom up there later in June for some real hiking...must have been all the snow last winter, because the flowers are bigger and more plentiful than I've seen them this time of year in quite a while.

M and Max admiring the spring runoff.

Sam, mid-leap!

Finally feeling better.

Heading home...too soon, but it was a nice, relaxing weekend!


Janelle said...

sorry you weren't well...I'm not quick for antibiotics, either but am SO grateful for them when really needed!

We were in Vail 2 years ago (Grant is a skier, I'm not). Loved it.

Vivian M said...

Hope your infection is all better and that you don't need any dental work (I really dislike going to the dentist!).
The views are spectacular, and even though I don't ski, I would go just for the hiking and the scenery.
Of course, seeing me, a short fat woman screaming in three different languages, barrelling down a mountain dressed in ridiculous ski attire just might make for a good tourist attraction! Or not.

C&A said...

sorry you didn't feel good-glad things are better-Have a noticed a pregnancy glowingness on your face or what?

kerri said...

Hope your feeling much improved, that view you had to endure(LOL) must of helped a little...
I will wave from my big old mansion, next time your up stop in for some vino, in my dreams, LOL.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Glad to hear you are feeling ok... just reading and looking at the pics of your trip to Vail... well, I am ready to go to CO tomorrow... I do miss that place... I think I miss the fact that there were cool breezes at night, sleeping with windows open, flowers, humming birds (never saw one of those) and lots of trees... I am ready to go back... you may have had a sore tooth... but you can't beat a total relaxation...

Mamacita said...

I just love that last view of Gore Range. I miss it. I used to live in East Vail and saw it every day on the way home from work in Minturn. Now when we head to Denver I always get happy when I see it. Glad you're feeling better. The good thing about being anti-anitbiotics is that if you HAVE to use them, they will actually work!

Lisa M. said...

Thanks for taking me to Vail.

Yoli said...

I am glad you are feeling better Maia. What a lovely weekend you had. I would love to visit Colorado. Right now we are getting ready for some renovations so trips will have to wait.

Tish said...

ugh...so sorry to hear you were feeling bad...but what a great setting to feel bad in. all the beauty must have cheered you up!

Heather said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and that you were able to enjoy part of your trip. I had to laugh about your big mouth comment because Mario always tells me I have a huge mouth and our dentist once commented upon looking in my mouth "Egads, you have every tooth there is and plenty of room to spare in there!" He meant it as a compliment.