Dog days

Well, summer has officially arrived, and the heat was intense today. For some reason, I picked this steamy day to do a three-hour downtown walk. Our neighborhood still looks like a garden, however, even past the prime of the spring bloom. These people's roses are close to seven feet tall, and tower overhead. I like jungly gardens like this. There's a mystery to them.

The air still smells like lilacs and roses wherever you walk, even in this dry heat.

There was a smudge of whipped cream in the middle of my camera lens all day, thanks to an espresso-con-panna cup that I stuffed unwisely in my bag while walking. Sigh.

At the bottom of the hill, I was glad to be able to slip into the air-conditioned interior of The Tattered Cover bookstore...where I was surprised to see my book on the shelf in the kids' room! I had forgotten all about it. Very exciting.

Back home, it took a lot of citrus beverage to get me back on my feet. Aranciata is my favorite summer drink.

Sam has really come to enjoy his time helping me deadhead the roses, which are still going strong and producing more buds.

This beautiful bush is tucked all the way back by our back gate, where nobody sees it. So I had to give it some exposure!

Inside, making the kitchen smell wonderful.

My friend Stacie sent Flynn this gorgeous paper kite in a silk-covered box. Yet another thing of beauty to add to her growing collection.

At the end of the day, I had a dinner with our local group of adoptive moms. This is Sabor Latino, a wonderful neighborhood restaurant that serves South American food. I had bistec chimichurri which, if you've never tried it, is a glorious dish.
I feel so very lucky to have this group of moms-to-be right here in Denver - these are exceptional women, some of them moms already and some still in waiting, and I love having this forum for discussion, commiseration, and pure pleasure to look forward to once a month.


amy said...

Love your blog and these pics. Im a cleft nurse/china adopting first time mom in Atlanta and would love to go on one of these trips!

One day I am sure!

rubyiscoming said...

I'm so very glad that Barb invited me last night - what a great group of women!

Mamacita said...

I love that you found your book at Tattered Cover! So wonderful. Sugarlips and I love our copy and if we ever meet, you'll have to remind me to bring it so we can sign! P.S. It was 82 here yesterday, slight breeze, my roses are just about to bloom! Spring in June in the Valley.

The lady in white in the middle looks familiar to me.

tiffany said...

I also love love love the secret garden look. :)

So cool to run into your book on the shelf at Tattered! And right next to Zen Ties...one of our faves. :)

kris said...

I love that you saw your book, I look every time I'm in a bookstore (which isn't all that often, what with amazon and all).

Happy Father's Day MIKE!!!

Vivian M said...

How cool to walk into a bookstore and see your book right there!
The roses still look heavenly, and I am sure the fragrance is lovely. Blogger should install smellavision!
Glad you have found a lovely group to share experiences with. I learned so much from our FCC group in Florida, and made lifetime friends.

C&A said...

what fun!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

That was one thing I loved about Colorado... you walk down the street and it was like a feast for your eyes... there were flowers everywhere... living here in Florida... there are flowers but NOTHING like CO and wish I could see them all again... as for the Aranciata - that too is one of Mike's fave drinks... though he doesn't drink alot of it... he has one once in a blue moon... though when we were in Italy... he bought it all the time... even bought a few bottles home to drink... never thought I would cross someone who liked that too...

Yoli said...

Where I live only the hardiest can withstand, so to see so many lush flowers is a treat.

I love that you have a group of supportive Mom's nearby. I don't have such a group and I am extremely far way from my local FCC chapter. If it weren't for my blogging friends, specially Heather, I don't know what I would have done.

Snowflowers Mum said...

can I say JEALOUS! So wish we lived where we could connect with other Moms. I love the TC, one of my favorite places to hang when I used to live in Boulder.(of course Bookends in Boulder was first because they make kick arse coffee cake)

looks like fun, perhaps we'll catch up if we make it to Denver this summer