Sweet times with LaoLao

If I've been quiet for a couple of days, it's because my mum has been here with us, and we've been happily occupied in finishing nursery projects, enjoying eachother's company, and doing the last of the baby shopping. I may have mentioned before that we had all of the impractical things, and none of the necessities. Well, mum has been helping us to fill that gap. Thermometers, diapers for the trip, soft spoons and snack containers have been on their way in the door. But the big present, the one we can't keep our hands off of, is Flynn's Chariot Cougar 1, with a jogging kit and a biking kit. It's a beauty!

Here, my mum and me are figuring out the rain flap and flyscreen.

Mum and M., attaching the jogging wheel.


The new dad, trying out his stroller.

M. trying to con Sam into hopping in... (Sam considers it, but decides against. )

...and chasing Max around the lawn.

With the necessities out of the way, it was off to adventure-golf for some R&R.

M. keeping score.

Me lining up a put...

...and taking aim.

M. and mum take on the toughest hole on the course.

Ooooooo...that sucks.

After working up an appetite on the links, we took mum for some real Korean barbecue. This place is amazing. You grill your own meats (in this case shrimp, our first course, followed by paper-thin ribeye and then by short ribs) on a grill in the center of the granite table. The grill is surrounded by dipping sauces and condiments, including nearly a dozen different spicy and savory pickled vegetables, candied yam and lotus root, sliced daikon, and other delicacies. Delicious!!

M. looks after the grilling.

On the way home from dinner, we could see an amazing sky over the mountains in the rearview mirror.

We decided to stop at Inspiration Point to watch the last of the sunset.

...in front of Long's Peak.

There just is nothing like a Colorado sky!

My mum, enjoying the view.


Vivian M said...

Maia, there is nothing like having Mum around! Enjoy her visit and advice and help.
By the way, you look tired in some of the pictures. I may be wrong, but please take care of yourself too, a tired Mommy is not good!

Mamacita said...


Qiuqiu's parents said...

Actually, I'm healthy and not in the least tired. I am however 44, and there's no help for that.

Barbara said...

I was so in love with my jogging stroller too! I just sold it at a garage sale last year, after 8 years of constant use.

Yoli said...

I love seeing you guys together, you are such a loving couple. Honestly, you radiate love. I am glad your Mom is in town, I know how much she centers you. Enjoy your sunset, Mom time and that gorgeous stroller!!!!!

Vivian M said...

Well you don't look 44, you look way younger (I thought you were in your early thirties!).
But since you are almost two years older than me, I guess I better behave and respect my elders (hee hee).

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I will say one thing... I envy the fact you get to spend some time like that with your mum... I hate my mum being 10,000 miles away... though she will come over for a visit about a month after we have Shauna... love the new wheels... good job mum and as for Mike keeping score on the mini-golf... make sure he is writing down the right numbers... love those Colorado skies... I am really looking forward to getting over there... I seem to have fallen in love with that state... take care

MotherMotherOcean said...

That is quite a stroller.

C&A said...

OK put the dog in the stroller and give him a ride. Hehehe. It looks like lovers line to me?

Melanie said...

Sigh... isn't love wonderful? ;) Looks like you had a wonderful day. I am half Korean, so the BBQ looked really yummy! I need my mom to cook me some comfort food soon!

Poppy said...

Never seen such a cool stroller - am particularly liking the bike ability!

Juliette said...

What a fun day! The Korean restaurant looks particularly yummy to me...
I miss my Mom and can't wait to see her in a little bit less than a month.

kris said...

That stroller is the bomb!! And I loved seeing you guys enjoying all this preparation together... what a beautiful family you have and are creating :) Beautiful photos, you and Mike truly look like 2 pieces of a puzzle that just FIT. And I can only HOPE HOPE HOPE to look as amazing as you do one day- sigh. That would mean reversing my aging genes and losing say?? 35 at least??

Stacie said...

I love the chariot and flynn will too! Although, it is hard for us to get z to ride anymore- she wants to run herself these days!

Each day you are one step closer to your DAUGHTER!!!!

Tish said...

so glad you are enjoying such a wonderful time with your Mum!