Gifts for our girl

OK, so I was finally able to take a better picture of the beautiful antique gown that Maryellen sent for QiuQiu. It took just the right light to pick out some of the detail, since the needlework is so very delicate...but I think you can see some of those tiny tucks here! So fragile and lovely.

And here's a cute little outfit that my sister-in-law sent the other day. The goldfish is particularly appropriate since we just put three new koi in our outdoor water garden....still very skittish but doing well so far!

And more good wishes in the mail for QiuQiu - she is so showered with good thoughts that I think she must be able to feel the love even across thousands of miles!
(ps - Vivian, as you can see I'm still wearing my adoption bracelet 24-7!)

I have lots more news and pictures to post... but have not had time since we've had a couple of busy gardening/project days. I'll post more tomorrow. In fact...thanks to a wonderful and dear-hearted fellow Xuzhou mom who's in China right now, we have MORE new pictures of QiuQiu to show! So keep watching this space.... ;)


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

She is going to be one spoilt little girl... this is a good thing though...

Anonymous said...

That is a really special dress. I love it.

Vivian M said...

I wear my bracelet all the time too!
Love the gifts. We have a little box getting ready to be mailed out for the princess too, just waiting on one more thing.
Enjoy this time, it goes by in a blur once you are in travel mode!

Melissa said...

I am loving the antique dress. That is very much my style! The little goldfish top is too cute.

Duchess of Lanier said...

love the photo of her waving hello to you ;-)
and feeling your sense of urgency. this second update was better for me. still hard and sad and anxiety producing in many ways, but i'm okay with it- more even keeled about it- more reassuring that she's being taken care of until we can get to her. wishing you a sense of calm, trena