Memories of my former city

I was going through some of my picture stacks and found this photo that I'd been searching for a while back. It's a window at ABC Carpet & Home, creator of my favorite window displays in all of Manhattan. When I lived in the city, I used to walk by ABC windows several times a week just to draw inspiration (although I could afford nothing in the store, and so generally avoided the interior). I took this picture a couple of years ago when M. and I went to visit my mother just after Christmas. It was a January window, and I think my all-time favorite. If I could, I would make Flynn's room look like this.
I love living in Denver - really, genuinely love it, on a daily basis. Denver makes me happy in a way that New York never did. I don't miss living in "The City". But it's nice to get back from time to time, to soak up some of the sheer wealth of creative energy that exists there.


Vivian M said...

What a beautiful window, and I am sure Yoli will notice the elephant right away!
I love visiting my birthplace, but not sure I would want to live in NY anymore, it's too fast and busy!

Yoli said...

I would kill to live in NYC. I love that place so much it hurts.

Viv, of course I noticed the elephant!!!!

Gorgeous picture and I think that Flynn room definitely has an element of far away lands.

C&A said...

I know, I love the fashion part of New York-My Dad keeps telling me I need to move back-He is just lonely we all moved here one after another!