Vail for a day

A few photos from our very quick trip to the mountains...

Ah, the splendor of the Rockies in early summer!

The dogs swim for sticks.

Sitting down for a picnic by the lake.

Mum and me in our element.

These pack llamas are used on backcountry tours by a local guide company. We like to go visit their paddock, because they are fascinated (and more than a little puzzled) by our dogs. Particularly Sam. They can't seem to decide exactly what sort of species he might be.
Have you ever seen a puzzled llama?
It's a sight to behold.

Mum feeding the most adventurous llama.

I love their ears. I also love their noses. But most especially I love their blasé eyes with the huge, long, thick lashes. Eyes that make me think of Oscar Wilde, for some reason.

M. and Sam.

Mum photographing larkspur.

We had just seen a fox, ambling up the path.

Columbine, the Colorado state flower.

It was the perfect peak of columbine season, and we found some spectacular specemines.

I love the buds as well - so alien and graceful!

Turning around, in order to beat a storm that was closing in.

Returning home under lowering skies, content and loaded down with photos.


Vivian M said...

The pictures are so lovely, the scenery so pretty! I am so glad you were able to squeeze in that trip!

Melissa said...

Absolutely beautiful, I am ready to start packing up the house and move to Colorado. We live in PA. Your area seems to have everything we are looking for...mountains, lakes, beautiful weather, and easy to bike and walk to local things.

C&A said...

Thanks for the pictures!

MotherMotherOcean said...

Looks lovely. I do not like llama spit

Alana said...

OOOH! Llamas! you know I loves me some Llamas!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I just love your ma... a girl after my own heart... happy to sit out in the middle of nowhere taking photos... hehehe... that was one thing I loved about Colorado... the wildflowers everywhere...

M@rgriet said...

lookin'great Mums (and dad and llamas) :-) will miss your news while I'm in Turkey the next few weeks. Hope I'm in for a surprise when I return! hugs hugs hugs M. xxxxx