Sleepover, part II

...In the morning, we woke to snow. Quite a bit of it, for May! Huge, wet, heavy flakes falling on a grey and chilly world.

Even our lion was streaked with wet and seemed hunched against the unexpected cold.
Ahhhhhhhh...I never did introduce our lion! Remember several weeks ago when we stopped by Amato's to admire him from afar? Well, M. got him for us, and he was delivered last week. I still have to paint and then seal him against the elements. I'm just going to touch him up a little - make him look old and craggy, with a bit of moss as befits his garden setting.
His name is Lucky Luciano.
Lucky Luciano the Lion.
He is a proud and stern lion, as befits such a creature, and he guards our home well.

And look at our poor tulips!! (Happily, as I write this, the sun is back out, the snow melted, and the neither the tulips nor the allium seem any the worse for wear, at least from what I can tell. All is still in bloom!)

Victoria, as I may have mentioned, had packed a halter top and flip flops, even though everyone knew it was going to snow overnight. So we let her wear her pajama bottoms (the only long pants she had) and zipped one of M.'s huge hiking fleeces over her tiny frame. A knitted hat from my hat basket, and she was (more or less) ready for a day on the town.

I brought Flynn's new "Guess How Much I Love You" bunny along for the ride (another gift from NaiNai Susan). I seem to need to bring something of hers along on every adventure these days. Maybe it's a way of including her. Maybe I like to think that somewhere around the other side of the world, in some tiny corner of her brain, she can feel us thinking about her and, bit by bit, day by day, making her a part of our lives.

Victoria in the back seat (see, mom? We keep her safe!) looking cute in a hat that was knitted for me by a friend.

The ball park in the snow. We were headed for an ├╝ber-hip breakfast joint called Snooze where, as it turned out, we would share an aisle with two or three of the Colorado Rockies players. Or maybe it was the Broncos. You'll have to excuse me, my dad never watched sports, nor does my husband, so I'm actually so incredibly out of touch with pro sports that I don't even know which team name to associated with which type of game. It was Mike and Victoria who recognized the players. M., though he doesn't follow sports, now has to post the scores of the games most weekends at the TV station, so he's remarkably well-informed for someone who is not a fan.

Here, you can see the teeny-tiny, miniscule, practically non-existent halter top that Victoria felt the need to wear on this snowy Colorado spring day (note to self: when Flynn goes away for sleepovers, check her bag before she leaves the house!). The players (of whatever sport they specialized in ;) were sitting behind me when I took this pictures. Victoria was thrilled because she had just been to see a game with her dad the previous weekend.

Ah, the joy of little nieces. Ours is a particularly cuddly one.

M. trying to hang a coffee spoon from his nose. Victoria was the only one of us to succeed at this particular contest.

I'm pretty meat-and-potatoes when it comes to breakfast fodder. My choice is almost always scramblers and bacon, with a lot of hot sauce and pepper. Snooze has, I think I can safely say, the best gal-derned bacon in town.

M. ordered something called "Gimme-gimme Pillow Toast" for him and Victoria to share (it's HUGE). Snooze has a killer menu, and is the kind of place that almost makes me regret that I only like eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Gimme-gimme Pillow Toast is like a combination between french toast and bread pudding, sprinkled with powdered sugar and just a drizzle of caramel sauce. MMMM....mmmm good.

Two cool cats in a very cool joint.

Snooze from the outside.

Denver in the snow. Or sloosh. Snizzle.

After breakfast we went straight to the mall and bought Vic a sweatshirt that was actually her size. Here she and Mike are looking at themselves on TV! Yah. We're easily entertained.

We had a long day of museums and sights around town ahead of us, and the sweatshirt was essential not only to Victoria's well-being, but to our peace-of-mind. Really, I was afraid someone was going to lock us up for the halter top!
More of our drizzly Denver day to come....


Vivian M said...

Wow that breakfast looked yummy!
I think I will borrow your description of the weather. Snizzle, was it? That's what it's been doing here all weekend!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend with V!

Yoli said...

What lovely pictures. I enjoyed looking at the breakfast, made me want to reach out and grab some of that gimme'. Victoria is such a classic beauty. She also seems to adore you two. It is going to be amazing when you two start sporting Ms.Flynn around.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Seems like you all had a great day... nothing I love more then looking at everyday pictures of where people live and things they do...

Heather said...

I can't believe you got snow in May! I have a fantastic breakfast recipe to share with you: Sticky Bun French Toast. It's made just like French Toast (except add a touch of vanilla to the eggs/milk/cinnamon batter), but instead of bread you use cinnamon rolls that are smashed (a bit) and cut in half. Delicious!

Stacie said...

being an aunt before you have children of your own is such a special thing. I feel fortunate that i was able to experience that amazing relationship with my own nieces. I can tell you are a fabulous aunt and uncle- she will hold these memories with her forever!t

Carrie&Aaron said...