Flynn's world

I have to admit that everyone has been nesting pretty furiously chéz nous for the past few weeks.

M reconstructed and added underwater lights to our koi pond, fertilized the gardens, had much of the old electrical wiring revamped around the house, reorganized the cupboards under the sink, and replaced the old, ugly white hood over the stove with a sleek new stainless steel one which, in addition to reducing the fire risk, also goes very smartly with our stainless fridge! He has also been saving articles and news items related to child safety, I've noticed, which is very sweet.
Recently, I have caught him admiring other people's lawns when we take the dogs for our morning stroll around the neighborhood. This is an interesting development, along with a recent tendency to covet other people's lilacs. I'm not sure if that's a sin or not, but I think we're going to have to install some more lilac bushes soon in order to appease his lilac-lust.

Meanwhile I reorganized Flynn's closet, worked on the flower beds, and started rearranging various storage cupboards so that cleaning products and other dangerous items are out of reach. Hmmmmmm....when I write it all out like that, seems like M. has been working a lot harder than I have! Better start pulling my weight!

We finally found a closet rail and mounting assemblage to fit Flynn's closet, and as soon as ever I can find time to actually install it, I'll be able to hang up and de-wrinkle all of the lovely dresses that NaiNai has been collecting for us!

As for the book shelf situation, I'm not sure quite what to do about that. At the moment her bookshelf (which says "twinkle-twinkle" on it) is in our bedroom, and is so overly-stuffed that it literally bristles with books like an angry porcupine. Clearly, we're going to have to create additional book storage somewhere. I am nowhere near finished aquiring her book collection, I can tell you that much!

Here's that beautiful papoose quilt that NaiNai Susan gave us, and which has pride of place on the crib right now (hiding the fact that I don't yet have any sort of crib bedding!)

The yellow satin slippers were the very first gift for Flynn, purchased by M's folks two seasons ago at the Adoption Exchange charity auction. I have had them in a special cupboard ever since, and just recently unearthed them.
This hamper and the baskets that hold folded clothes in her closet are made from seagrass, and when we go to bed at night, they fill the room with a clean, comforting scent, like fresh straw but slightly salty. I love to smell that while falling asleep.

I like the coziness of her room. It's still my favorite room to walk into, and it still makes me feel drowsy and at peace, which is exactly what I think a nursery should do.

Ahem. Well, this is not the same star. It's a different star. I mean, it's similar, yes. But I felt the need to include it anyway.

This M and I found in the design boutiques of South Broadway when we first moved to Denver. It's been in his closet ever since. I cleaned the spiders out and proudly mounted it in the nursery last week!

No, I have not yet got around to glazing the chair!! I'm a bit overloaded with portrait commissions at the moment, and so nursery work is taking a back burner. Believe me, this does take a lot of self-discipline! (How's that for elephants, Yoli?)

The stuffed animals I made last summer. I am still amazed that I was able to create these with my own hands. How did that happen? I'd like to make more, but that's really a pipe dream right now, what with all the other things on my list!
...OK, back to work with me.


Stefanie said...

I am still smiling thinking of you guy reading up on child safety. Talk about melting your heart! I love to hear how you both are preparing for your little one... I am sure one day she'll love to hear about how anticipated her arrival was!
What a day it will be when you hold your Flynn for the first time!
Happy Mother's Day, from one blessed mama to another :)

Yoli said...

I covet the elephant and the those beautiful stuffed animals. Her room is lovely and soothing with a touch of the exotic and a feel of far away lands.

Happy Mother's Day Maia!

Janelle said...

I like the photos & description of your preparation.

Chloe's room gave me tremendous peace while we waited for her -- and I still feel the same way (um - times of discipline excluded!)

oh, and the book collection - wait until Flynn's old enough to ASK for books - try resisting THAT request!

Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day. SLEEP IN!!!

mommy24treasures said...

These treasures are so beautiful! I love the quilt. LOVE IT!

kris said...

I love Flynn's world. Thanks for inviting us all in :)

fourlittlehawks said...

Beautiful post, as always!
Happy Mother's Day! It's wonderful to be preparing her room FOR her, now that you know who she is, isn't it? I'm not sure if that sentence even made sense, lol! I feel so honored to be able to glimpse into this magical time in your life! You are on my heart this Mother's Day!

Carrie&Aaron said...

what a wonderful Mommy you are already!