Fun, fun, fun til her daddy takes the T-bird away...

Well, this morning after Mike went to work, my friend J and I went to check out an upscale resale store she'd been telling me about down in the antique district of S. B'way, specializing in high-end, gently-used designer clothes for babies and toddlers.
Now, I'm standing in front of QiuQiu's closet here just to give you a bit of an idea how much I did NOT need to shop for more clothing. My SIL and a couple of stylish friends have been generous with hand-me-downs, NaiNai Susan has been hitting the "mothers of multiples" sales, and QiuQiu's sartorial loot is beginning to threaten the record previously set by (ahem) her mommy's closet (which you will NEVER see. Never.).
And that's saying a lot.
What's missing here, and what we have precious little of, are the practical things - items for bathing, feeding and health care, pajamas, shoes, cleft bottles, crib bedding - you know, the things you actually NEED. That's what we're alarmingly short on.
But...see...the thing is, this is the first time I've gone shopping for her since we received PA, and therefore the first time I was able to shop for her. Really, it was more of a symbolic activity than an actual shopping trip. That, and a chance to catch up with J. I did leave with a very few special items, including the cute shearling moccasins (perfect for those cold Colorado winter evenings), and this white dress which is too big but...well, I figure it's a classic, and whenever it fits her it will still be in style.
I'm not buying another thing until I know what size she is, I swear!


Yoli said...

She looks very tiny, take a couple of 6 months old clothes just in case. I love that little white dress. Shop on sister! That is how I got through my wait.

Sarah L. Whitehead said...

Congratulations on your symbolic shopping trip! How lovely and completely understandable!
She does look very tiny! When I got YaTing's measurements I made a paper doll of her to hold things up to after shopping trips. That way I could see roughly what fit and also had the consolation of a tiny bit of her company during the wait. I also figured out that her dress length would be two of my handspans, which was very useful to know! (After two years and hundreds of meals she has grown to be a three span girl.) I taped on a length of wool for her head measurement and one for her foot, though I only got one pair of shoes before China, as those really need more dimensions for a good fit! They have FANTASTICALLY cute shoes in China. Bring some back if you can!
I got some cleft bottles free from one of the drug companies. They were great and I was able to leave some over there for others. I wish I had taken more.
Completely agree with Yoli that shopping helps with the wait. Consignment stores have been my paradise! Really cute dress for $6? Even I can afford that!
Another friend suggested packing her outfits for in China(onesie, tights, dress, stockings, sweater) in baggies so you can get going quickly in the mornings. You often have an early start and getting out the door is a great feat of tactical planning,so the baggies helped alot. Also, they are just plain fun. Elinor YaTing was already excited to see her baggie of the day by the third day I had her! Another bonding moment!!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

The dress is SOO cute!!! I love your blog!!!

kerri said...

I love the dress.
I shopped like crazy when I got their referral pics. A little retail therapy eased the waiting perid of getting on that plane.

J said...

Bwah, ha ha ha haaaaa! Not shopping again!!

bamboosprouts said...

Hey this is the hardest part of the wait (photo to travel!)and I am pretty sure that some theraputic shopping is a requirement. Besides, you dont want to make promises you cant keep! Shop as needed I say. :)

Tish said...

wow! lots of great posts to catch up on. love the white dress....she will look so precious! and the photo of M & V (the one you said was your fave) is great! you can tell their's is a special relationship. hope you enjoy your orchid!

Vivian M said...

I think it is time for a cyber shower!!
Don't worry about the essentials yet, you still have time and I am sure you will be receiving lots of practical gifts from family and friends. It might be a good idea to register (gasp) at one of those baby stores so you get what you need and want and hopefully avoid duplicates. And people who live far away will appreciate online shopping and shipping!
Don't feel guilty for a moment, you are a new Mom and have waited so long! I agree you should save room in your suitcase for shopping in China...we brought back beautiful Chinese outfits and squeaky shoes, and wonderful gifts to give Kerri in the future.
Oh and those baggies will come in handy when you have stinky diapers in your hotel room.

Melanie said...

Such a beautiful dress! Shop on girlfriend - enjoy this time! When I got Maggie's referral, I swore I wouldn't shop for her until she came home. Eight weeks later (when we traveled), her closet was jammed with so many clothes in every different size - I just couldn't help myself!
Since people are starting to leave helpful hints here - the Ziploc bags were the best thing in the world! Great for diapers, wet clothing, etc. Also, the luggage in China is really inexpensive, so I would plan on purchasing another bag there to bring home all of your goodies that you buy while you travel. We allowed ourselves one bag per person on the way there, but the way home - the third bag really helped us out (especially with all of the shoes and dresses I bought)!

kris said...

OH. You jinxed yourself. I'm not making predictions, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing your closet someday. :O)

Keep shopping. Your love comes through in everything you're doing. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. Plus that dress IS timeless. And the mocs? Adorable.

Duchess of Lanier said...

But she does NEED the moccasins, my goodness, you can't have her little toes getting cold, and every girl NEEDS a classic white dress. How fun!
It is so much more fun to shop knowing who she is! Enjoy!
ChuWei is waiting with Flynn

Carrie&Aaron said...

I love to shop that is whay we are poor-I need to find a job I can do at home and make some money-maybe put those little craft things together and then sell them on the weekends?