Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!

My sister-in-law C. seems to have maxed-out the photo capacity on her blog...again! Don't know how she does it. But for lack of the ability to post, she sent me these photos of Harrison (yes, the little baby that was sitting on the picnic table in my last post....look how he's grown!!)
I mean, seriously. Can you stand it? How handsome is he in that hat???
Apparently, bugs are his passion these days, and this is his "catching bugs" grin.
C. found him a ladybug, and he was ecstatic....until it flew away. They searched everywhere, but...no ladybug to be found. Until they spotted it...

...on Harrison's face!!!!


M@rgriet said...

Cute picture! Reminds me of a summer in France when VĂ©nise (now 16 but 4 or 5 at the time) found a ladybug on our way back to the car from the beach. She made a tiny tree leaf bed in a match box and kept whispering sweet words to it... until the ladybug spread its wings and started flying around in the car. You should've heard V scream!!! :-)

Yoli said...

Wow, that is the little boy! He is beautiful.

Carrie&Aaron said...

so cool-good news your way soon!