Auld Lang Syne

First and foremost, we have really been looking forward to introducing Flynn to our old stomping grounds...to the trails we pounded daily for years with our hiking boots, to the fresh mountain air...but also, selfishly, we were dying to show her off to all our old friends...all the people to whom we'd been blabbing for oh, so long about how we were (we really, really were!) trying to adopt a daughter named Flynn. We were a little afraid that, after all this time, they no longer believed us.

So it was with more than a little triumph that we returned to our old turf with the actual Flynn in our arms...

We stopped in to the Vail Daily, the newspaper where we both (at different times) served our terms. There, we were glad to find a few old friends, including our fellow journalist Tamara, who not long ago welcomed a daughter of her own (Ani). Tamara and her family are contemplating moving to the Denver area, and we are hoping to entice them into our wonderful neighborhood, so that our kiddos can grow up together.

Flynn seemed happy to visit the newsroom with her daddy. Behind them is the former desk of our old buddy Matt, my former BFF (and M's, too, if you believe him) and the man responsible for introducing us. My old desk was directly across the way.

Next, we stopped in to Scully's, the Vail Valley's beloved art and office supply, where I worked for several years. There, I was glad to find my former boss Deb and my long-time workmate Jean. These are not just former workmates, but also longtime playmates with whom we spent many a lovely vacation on a houseboat at Lake Powell. I have missed them, and it was so good to introduce them to our daughter!!

Finally, we stopped into Sato, the famous (or infamous) sushi joint where M used to run the kitchen. It's always good to stop in for a taste of the best sushi this side of Vegas, and visit a few more of our old playmates. We did not take any pictures at dinner (too busy stuffing ourselves) but this was the scene when we got back to the condo.
Is there anything cuter than a sleeping Flynn in snow-white fleece?

Hard to believe this is our daughter.

Lounging with daddy back in the condo...

...much better without the flash. You can really get the idea of the soothing light that comes through those wooden shades.

Anyone who knows us well will anticipate that we also stopped into Holy Toledo in lovely Minturn, our go-to source for gently-used and very stylish mountain duds. Also the home of our dear friend Heather, who sent Flynn her very favorite book of animals. Heather and Flynn were equally excited to meet one another for the first time in person. And mommy couldn't pass up a photo op in front of some of Minturn's famed flower boxes. Feels like home!


Yoli said...

I am loving all the pictures and you guys are so in love with Flynn. It is sweet to revisit places with your new daughter. Isn't it amazing how life turns out? Would you have guessed the minute you laid eyes on Mike and he on you for that matter, that you would be looking into the eyes of the future Father of your baby? Reality is sometimes so much better than fiction.

Vivian M said...

I agree with Yoli. And am thrilled for all three of you!

kris said...

How fun to visit with old friends and show off that beautiful daughter of yours!

Cavatica said...

Wonderful trip to be sure!

Mamacita said...

I can't believe we never ran into each other here. I worked in Minturn at Windwood Galleries for five years!