Funny Face

In case you ever wondered what Flynn QQ does while I'm working in my studio...

...or, actually, in case you ever wondered why it takes every ounce of my willpower to get anything done in my studio...

Yes, that is breakfast on her face. And, uhm, on the floor behind her. I have never in my life cleaned my studio floor as frequently and assiduously as I do since QQ came home.

Yah, so...this is the face I get when I have been spending too much time bent over my drawing board, and not enough time bent over the Flynn.

Not every day, mind you. At least 60% of the time, she'll play happily with her toys (and my paperwork and office supplies and photo albums, and most especially my stash of wrapping tissue, which she values more than gold). But every once in a while, understandably, she needs her QQ time.

...and when she needs attention, she sure does know exactly how to go about getting it.

...Just try ignoring this face!

...or resisting this one!

With this timing, she may turn out to be a comedian like her daddy.

Oh, yah. She knows she's cute. Don't think for a minute that she doesn't know the effect she has. This is the face that could melt the polar icecap, and she is quite aware of that fact. One has only to see her react to the vision of her own face in a mirror (or, really, any reflective surface...the door of the oven, the back of a clean spoon, Mommy's sunglasses...)

Oh, unfair. This was not the moment to pull out that grin. There have to be some rules on this battlefield, otherwise Mommy doesn't stand a chance.

Are you kidding me? How can I turn my back on this??

Hahahaha! Ha-ha-hah! It's hilarious how I have Mommy wrapped around my little pinkie. I just crack. my. self. up.

Ahem. Shake it off, Mommy. Deadlines beckon.

Sometimes, when it comes to distracting Flynn, I have to whip out the big guns...the toys I haven't yet overexposed her to.

I love homemade toys. This beautiful lamb, sent to us by a friend in Vermont, and (faithful bloggers may remember) the flop-eared bunny I sewed during our long and tortuous wait!

More spoils from the pre-QQ days...an Etsy Waldorf baby. QQ is still just learning the concept of play. She'll play with Mommy and Daddy until the cows come home (peek-a-boo and "Where's Flynn?" are favorites) but playing with actual toys is still a bit of an alien concept to her. She now will spend a few minutes on a stuffed animal or doll, but still much prefers a calculator, a moving car, a book or a pack of tissues.

How adorable is that face? This is why bedtime is such a very long process, including many puppet shows and animal kisses. There is simply nothing that compares to a QQ in pajamas.

This post goes out to Aunt Colleen in gratitude for the colorful quilt she sent. The bright colors are key for Flynn, and make the house feel a lot more cheerful and homey.

I also am grateful to the Rosenblums for sending the pack of soft blocks, which have been an instant hit with the Flynn. Soft and open-topped, they serve as containers, construction tools, and alphabet lessons. She particularly loves when she can recognize the baby animals stitched on the sides. She is already very familiar with the duck (of course!) and the pig.

About mid-morning a certain phenomenon takes over. You can always tell when her head goes down on the floor, or a hand goes to her cheek.

Yup, around 11 a.m., it's just about naptime. And then Mommy gets a couple of hours of real work in. Because, as you may already have surmised, as long as she's holding a camera, she is probably not weilding a paintbrush! Sigh.


Diane said...

I was listening to this song this morning and it made me think of you and Flynn QQ. (Adorable pictures, by the way!)

For Baby (For Bobbie) by John Denver

I'll walk in the rain by your side,
I'll cling to the warmth your hand.
I'll do anything to keep you satisfied,
I'll love you more than anybody can.

And the wind will whisper your name to me.
Little birds will sing along in time.
Leaves will bow down when you walk by,
And morning bells will chime.

I'll be there when you're feelin' down,
To kiss away the tears if you cry
I'll share with you all the happiness I've found;
A reflection of the love in your eyes.

And I'll sing you the songs of the rainbow;
A whisper of the joy that is mine.
And leaves will bow down when you walk by,
And morning bells will chime.

I'll walk in the rain by your side.
I'll cling to the warmth your tiny hand.
I'll do anything to help understand.
And I'll love you more than anybody can.

And the wind will whisper your name to me.
Little birds will sing along in time.
Leaves will bow down when you walk by:
And morning bells will chime.


Beverly said...

adorable. she is absolutely adorable. You are going to have to get someone to keep her if you plan on ever working again. she has magic powers over you it is quite obvious through the pics, heh.

tiffany said...

Look at that cute baby bootie in the air as she takes her rest. So cute!

kerri said...

Love this post, I could never get anything done when Jen came home, I would literally sit on the floor in front of her staring in wonder.
Now I just watch the two of my babes in play for hours, this is one of my greatest joys.
Each one of your posts just gushes love from every line, it's beautiful...

Heather said...

Does she seriously sleep like that? OMG! How precious! She is even manipulating you in her sleep!

Vivian M said...

Maia, she has you wrapped around her little finger already! You are in so much trouble!

Sarah said...

I don't see how you EVER get anything done! : )

Maia said...

I take my hat off to you for getting anything done at all at this point. You are so clearly besotted and she is obviously loving it!