Under the harvest moon

QQ entertaining herself while daddy harvests the back garden.

Daddy showing off his ginormous tomatoes.

Always a joy for me...nasturtiums in the vegetable patch.

The day's prize tomato!

QQ inspects today's gourd crop.

High-altitude wildflowers contine to produce.

Nasturtiums are tough, ruggen and ready for any soil or occasion...much like our daughter!

The biggest one in the pumpkin patch.

This is our maverick in the pumpkin patch this year...marching to the beat of its own drummer.

Like most people, I used to think zucchinis were bland. But this year's crop has turned my jaded head. I am proud of my zucchinis. I eat them. I love them. They are beautiful. This one was easily the size of a large eggplant. We ate it, and were glad.

LaoLao's flowers.

The second bloom of our sunset rose...darker and more purpled than its first bloom.

How I love this rose.


Stefanie said...

Wow. I wanna come to YOUR house. Everything looks so beautiful (and yummy :)) What fun Flynn must have on a daily basis!

Yoli said...

Wow those are BIG tomatos that Mike has! LOL...

Your garden is not only beautiful but practical.

Stacie said...

lovely photos as always.... i am also impressed that you have the presence of mind to document life around you in your early days with flynn. i took ONLY photos of z....

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I need to move to Colorado... nothing grows where I live... to much sandy soil and salt in the air from the ocean... if I were to try to grow vegetables the Raccoons would eat them... bummer...

Margaret Miracle said...