Me and my shadow

With the weather so beautiful, QQ and I have been trying to head out for our run a little earlier than usual, so as to catch the last of the beautiful fall light before sunset. When we first came home, she wasn't used to being outdoors, and the grass bothered her - I don't think she liked the way it tickled. She would frown and scowl and pull her feet in. She's over it now, however, and I think it makes a nice, padded, fragrant surface on which to practice her balance.

Sam goes with us sometimes too. He's been a little wan since Max's disappearance. They were very different sorts of dogs, but they had a certain companionship, and I think Sam's world seems a little out of balance ever since. He's been turning to QQ a bit for companionship, which is sweet to see (in spite of her unfortunate poke-iness).

They seem content together, as long as QQ isn't tugging on an ear or a tail.

I love this picture. Although I can see the first signs of "Mom, I don't know how much longer I can hold this smile...my cheeks are starting to hurt!"

Every now and then, something just makes her laugh out of the blue. Life's funny that way.

Still working on petting "nicely". She gets it right more often these days. Those big bat ears are still a temptation, however. Heck, sometimes I want to tug on them myself.

But you can see she's grown fond of her furry friend.

On to other matters....let's see what's edible around here. This leaf looks nice and crunchy.

Hmmmmmmmm.........yup, it's got a crinkle to it...kind feels good on the gums....

...uh, hang on a sec....

....no, no, this actually tastes terrible!

Blech! I won't try that kind of leaf again! I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night!

Let's see....OK, this one looks muuuuch better.

Hmmmm...oaky with a hint of blackberries, a whisper of pencil shavings.....rolling it around on the tongue....

...yes, yes.....it's a bit young, but I think this one has promise...let's try another... little... nibble.....

...oh. Oh, no.
Mom, these leaves don't taste good at all!
They're dreadful!
Why didn't you tell me so I didn't waste my precious time?


Vivian M said...

Oh I love that one picture of Flynn and Sam hanging out on the grass and smiling! And leaves are an acquired taste. Wait until she tries dirt, yum!

Yoli said...

So cute and so in love with each other. Mom, come on, you should have let her in on the leaf situation...LOL.

Chrissie Larkin said...

OMG Where you just laughing hysterically! O that is so cute!!!

fourlittlehawks said...

Sam looks like he would dearly love to warn her about the leaves, I'm sure he's tried a few in his time and knew what she was in for. I give you HUGE kudos for letting your child eat leaves. Does that sound wierd? What I mean is that most first time Mommies (myself included - much as I hate to admit it) would freak out if their baby put anything from the ground into their mouth. It took me three babies to learn that they are much more durable than I first suspected, and I should relax and let them explore their world a little more. And look at you! Your first time out of the gates, and you've got the knack of it right away! You are so awesome Maia!
Jen Hawkins

mam said...

I love that ring of drool around her neckline...teeth coming in again?

Cavatica said...

You just can't clue them in about leaves - or in our case mulch. Some things we just need to learn about on our own. The Bing loves her mulch. Can it really be tasty?

Alyson & Ford said...

How cute! Great pictures!!

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