Sushi Tuesday

We took QQ out to our local Sushi joint for the first time last night. We've cut back drastically on our Sushi intake in the past year thanks to the increasing quantities of mercury in fish (our poor planet...I don't want to talk about it). But it was nice to get a good dose of spicy rolls last night. I feel so lucky that little Q is a happy restaurant kid. I was really expecting that we souldn't be going out to eat once she came home...but she's a dream! She just loves to look around at the decor and people, be admired by the waitresses and play with chopstick wrappers. No problem. It's actually a pleasure to go out to eat with her!


Vivian M said...

I love sushi. So does Kerri. And she was great at restaurants until she was close to 2, then she bored easily and food would fly. It lasted about a year and then we started eating out again. Enjoy! Try taking her to an ice cream parlor, that's the best!

crazylady said...

wow do you get all decked out to go eat... I'm lucky if I have deoderant on.

We took MJ out to restaurants at nauseum in the early days, some days were awesome, some were public displays, but eating out is a big thing for us. Over time, our girls learned how to behave (under our glares) and NOT move from their seats and keep to whipsering, and now we get compliments each time we're out and don't burn the restaurant down.
Keep sushi nights going! You'll be grateful in the end, if not your pocketbook.

Yoli said...

You guys look great. We are also lucky with our kids. We can take them anywhere.

Carrie said...

That is wonderful-we eat out a bit to much, all the kids are fun to eat out with I have been known to take all four by myself-people think I am nuts but they are very good kids!