Funnyface is BACK!!

Sometimes all it takes is the threat of a trip to the doctor for a breakthrough to happen. Why is that? For the past two days, QQ has been markedly more herself than she has been yet.

She is playing happily again, shooting me grins across the room. I spent most of last night and this morning organizing her copious quantities of clothing, putting summer things in storage and bringing out the winter stuff. Once again, I am astounded by the size of this kid's wardrobe. I don't know how she got so lucky...how come nobody sends me designer duds??
I must say, she really does enjoy looking at her new clothes, and is even willing to wear a hat for a minute or two in the bargain.

In fact, as we go through boxes upon boxes of winter clothes...and with her arms under restraint...I've had an evil plan of putting every hat I can find on her head whilst she is unable to object. Sometimes she still cries a few crocodile tears, but I think she's secretly getting over her chapeau-phobia.

This one's for mum. I caught her doing this while I was packing up her summer clothes for the basement. She's pushing herself up on this three-inch step...

...to her feet!

She's pretty proud of herself.

She'll pull herself up on absolutely anything these days, arm restraints no object!

Look at that face!

Yup, I'm pretty sure she's the most beautiful girl in the world.

She likes to ring the reindeer bell on our door.

Just so happened there was a ladybug up there too today.

Trying to have her cake and eat it too.

And there it is...the smile for no reason, just because.

She's been doing it all day.

Plus a few funny-faces tossed in for good measure.

Jennie brought homemade chicken soup over yesterday, and I puréed some of it in with QQ's lunch today. Must've been what her body needed, because she loved it so much that she fell asleep while eating it, and still would not release the bottle. I had to put her down for her nap with bottle still clutched to her mouth.

Then I realized I was going to have to put her arm braces back on while she was sleeping. Let me tell you, she was NOT going to give that bottle up. I could actually lift her whole body by the bottle before she'd release her death-grip on it. She settled down for a good long nap after that....now, if only we can get that to work at night...


Cavatica said...

So nice to see that Qui Qui grin!

Yoli said...

Maia, I cannot take it! All the cuteness of Flynn in hats!!!!!! OMG!! That beautiful little face with those hats on! ONCORE!!!!! That picture with the red hat, everyone here at home went wild about.

Vivian M said...

Maybe you need that chicken soup recipe?
I agree with Yoli, Flynn looks adorable in hats!