Smiley, happy

It was a good day to be QQ. Full of social activity. Our social worker came over this afternoon for the first of three visits prior to writing up our 6-month post-adoption report. Our social worker is very nice, and QQ plainly adored her from the get-go. She was in her very most shiny, happy mood all afternoon, grinning and dancing and flirting her way through the interview. I think if she could have done a little tap dance, she would have!

Daddy and QQ also took a jaunt to the grocery store to shop for a little dinner we were throwing for friends. At the store, QQ fell in love with a balloon, which she and daddy brought home. It's the biggest, happiest balloon we've had yet, and QQ was appropriately in awe.

Have you seen this? Yup, it's mine. My daddy bought it for me!
For dinner, Daddy made his newest specialty, the authentic Kung Pao (sic) or Gong Bao chicken that we tasted for the first time in Beijing, complete with the illicit and very authentic Sichuan "tongue-numbing" peppercorns that our Beijing guide found for us in a local hutong market.

QQ was doubly gratified to discover that we had yet more visitors coming after the social worker, which gave her a chance to grin, chuckle and dance her way through yet another social occasion. She is quite the social butterfly and loved every minute.

Needless to say, it took some doing on both Mommy and Daddy's parts to bring QQ down from the high that she'd been riding on all day, and get her calm enough for a 9pm bedtime.

I'm not sure if tickling-by-Daddy makes things better or worse.

Whatever. She eats it up!

It certainly didn't help that she has just learned to stand up in her crib (much to our chagrin). So once put to bed (in a crib that's three inches lower than it was last night), there was an extended period of banging, babbling, giggling, staggering and hauling herself around the perimeters of the crib like a drunken sailor and, inevitably, wailing, before she finally saw fit to go down for the night.

But really, how can you resist this face. There's really no frowning on her. Even when she pees on you in the middle of a diaper change, and then giggles her little head off at the comedy of it all.

She is just plain irresistible.


Vivian M said...

I used to love coming to your blog for a different reason, but now I need my daily QQ fix, lol. It is so wonderful to see you all in love and finally at home and happy. It doesn't get any better than this! I hope you inspire someone who may be on the fence, to take the leap of faith and pursue adoption, and/or adoption of a SN child. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with the world!

Stefanie said...

Oh, she IS so irresistible!! I LOVE seeing her smiling face... and the smiling faces of her mama and daddy, too :) Love is grand!!

ThatGirl said...

After waiting for your referral with you for so long, I still feel surprised when I open your blog and find QQ here. How do these children come to us? How lucky are we?

kerri said...

This blog just gushes love, it makes me so joyous to come and visit daily!
Such a happy girl, smiling all the time!

Yoli said...

Yes, yes, yes, love that QQ and all her charms!! She is so adorable Maia, and looks so kissable, you must have those cheeks worn off by now. So cute how she and Daddy look together. I am glad you are enjoying motherhood so much. It is a wonderful gift.

Amanda said...

What a sweet...sweet girl!

I just love her smile & what a happy little thing she is! I haven't been able to visit for awhile and I just want you to know LOVE the pictures :D

Doreen said...

This is just one of the BEST blogs to follow! You guys are doing a wonderful job! Your little QQ is so happy and content. It makes my heart melt.
Now....I need that chicken recipe..I don't just want it...I NEED it! I fell in love with it in Sichuan & Beijing and cannot, for the life of me,find it anywhere. Can ya help a poor soul out?

Doreen in Montreal single Mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan

Cavatica said...

What a beautiful belly in that last pic!

Carrie said...

Life as totaly changed in your house. Is it not the best thing ever!

Stacie said...

she is so beautiful. Her happiness just shines through. I too will mourn the loss of the smile and face that i have come to know through this blog- that smile can never be more perfect! She looks so relaxed and in love.