Still healing

Yesterday, two packages arrived on our doorstep...by sheer coincidence, both from Europe, and both for Flynn QiuQiu! Needless to say, she was delighted to celebrate and extended birthday with gifts from Mommy's childhood friend Margriet in Holland, and from our cousin Poppy in London!

Playing with her birthday card...

QQ received some wonderful gifts from Europe, including this adorable dress and a book of projects to make with your kiddo from Poppy. Mommy has been loving the book, which includes recipes and instructions for everything from Chinese lanterns to miniature gardens, from rainbow cupcakes to papier mache volcanoes. My personal favorite is the hedgehog bread rolls, which I will be trying out very soon!

Margriet sent some wonderful spinning spoons, a beautiful top, a growth chart (must-needed)...but the most appreciated gift was, of course, the most personal. I'll scan and post it when I have a minute. Margriet's a whiz with the computer and she created a wonderful card full of photos and memories that brought an avalanche of smiles and emotion. Not to mention the postcard from Holland, my grandfather's homeland, and my own mother's birthplace!

Can't forget the flat mouse, which QQ LOVES!

And once again, Poppy's dress...a huge hit!! It's good to see QQ out of her arm braces and dressed to the nines again...if only briefly!

As for her progress, it's slow but steady. She has her happy moments, and it's good to see her smile and some of her old expressions returning. I love when she has an hour or so at a stretch of giggles and smiles.

It's good to see joy returning to her face. But to be brutally honest, this is a slow healing process, and it isn't easy for any of us. She still does not sleep through the night,not even close. Her world has been disrupted and that ease and comort level she had before is gone. She does not want to be put down for naps or bedtime....no more latenight smiles and coos. She screams her head off every time you put her down in crib or playpen. She is also much needier than before...a little clingon who scowls and hisses if you look away from her for more than a few seconds. Basically, our hands are very full. I know that the majority of her fussiness and neediness is due to the fact that she is just never 100% comfortable - she itches, she aches, and don't even get her started on the arm braces. So yes, I feel bad, and I wish there were more I could do.

But then, there are moments like these, where the old QQ begins to emerge agian.

The weather has been turning cold, and bundling has become a necessity. Thank goodness she's so cute when bundled!

Grandma, cousin Victoria and M took her on a little jaunt to Starbucks yesterday.

Bundles inside Daddy's coat.

A late, lazy dinner at home.


M@rgriet said...

I was afraid QQ might have grown too big by the time my package arrived... Man, this postman certainly took his time :-) Funny to see you with the stuff that was on my desk a couple of weeks ago. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Snowflowers Mum said...

oh...I feel so bad for QQ...poor thing. It's horrid being uncomfortable!

She'll be feeling better really soon...

then she'll be back to her old self

operationtigerlily said...

You would never know she was a fussy baby. She still sparkles with beauty. Although is is slow going, kudos to QQ for her daily progress and Mommy and Daddy for nursing her back to health.

I am jealous over your cold weather gear. It was almost 90 in SoCal today.

Yoli said...

Poor baby, she has to be so uncomfortable. Lovely and thoughtful gifts she recieved. Very tender picture of you two. Also, Victoria is such a beautiful child and seems like a tender soul.

Margaret Miracle said...

I am watching Flynn's progress and hoping that things continue to improve. We had a set back today...so frustrating! I wish healing and blessings for little QQ and her family. That smile will emerge!

Vivian M said...

The hardest thing for me as a mother is feeling helpless when there is nothing more I can do to comfort Kerri. But she knows that I am there for her, and so does Flynn. She will return to her old sleep habits once she is feeling better. Not fast enough for us worrying Mums!

Snowflowers Mum said...


I'd like to see a photo of QQ in her 'political' tshirt please!

kris said...

it must be SO hard... recovery is slow, but each day it will get better and better. glad you're seeing some of her old self returning :)