Paris, previously...

Lest we forget where this blog got its name, I thought it might be time to revisit some photos from abroad. My family spent a fair amount of time in Europe when I was small, due partly to the fact that much of my mother's family still lived in Europe at the time. I had a deep connection to Europe during my childhood, and I still do, in a more distant way. These photos are from my last trip to France, about two years after M. and I started seeing one another. I went with my mother, and we visited my aunt and cousins in Southern France. I also spent a few blissful days in Paris with my dear childhood friend, Margriet, who lives in Holland with her husband and two gorgeous daughters.

The house that my grandparents built (on the foundations of a chateau established by some very distant ancestors). Brissac, Languedoc, France.

A statue in the library.

A pastry shop window in a nearby town. Sigh.

My sneakers on the floor on Rue Caterine.

Tintin on a shelf.

Girl on a luggage cart, airport.

Self-portrait, airport.

Vacant seating, airport.

Book stalls, Paris.
I took most of my Paris photos in sepia mode, because I was particularly attached to sepia at the time. In retrospect, it was just the right mode in which to photograph Paris...


Prayer, cathedral.

Statue, cathedral.

Street scene.


Good versus evil.

Margriet on the steps.

Young love.

Street musicians.

Morning park, Le Marais.

Paris rooftops.

Margriet and a friendly child.

Businessman in transit.

Paris from above.

Galleries Lafayette.

Bridges on the Seine.

Outside the Louvre on a rainy day.

Mansard roofs.

Cafe, afternoon.

A pigeon in the rain.

Me, Le Marais.

At breakfast.

The end of breakfast.

Backstreet morning.

Art and humanity.


Lisa and Tate said...

I am heading to Paris in just two weeks! So much fun to see glimpse of Paris thru the camera's eye.

louise said...

lovely pictures...

Yoli said...

Paris is the photographer's dream.

Stefanie said...

Gorgeous. I spent a few weeks in Paris as a teenager and loved it, although I was too young to fully appreciate it's beauty. Thanks for sharing!
Can't wait to see pics of Flynn's first big trip :) Any plans?

Vivian M said...

I have always wanted to go to Paris, and your post today just made my day! Thank you for sharing, maybe someday I will get to see this in person!

Mamacita said...

sigh....just lovely...

fourlittlehawks said...

I meant to check blogs and email quickly before starting my morning routine. However, I couldn't help but linger over these pictures. There is something so compelling about the pictures you take - I find myself wondering what the couple at the cafe was talking about, and whether the young lady in another still sometimes thinks about that young man leaning in for a kiss with that playful expression . . .
It was fun going to Paris with you this morning, even if it did make me late!
~ Jen

Chrissie Larkin said...

Absolultely Lovely! SIGH.....My brother is getting married in Italy in November, and they will spend 2 days in Paris...I am totally green with envy!

Carrie said...

OH my I want to go now! I have never been! You should take pictures for a travel agent-every where you have been looks so great to see!

kerri said...

Thank you for taking me to Paris in the afternoon, hmmmm.....

M@rgriet said...

*sigh* Paris... sweet memories of our days there... (and I'm glad my hair grew back :-) xxx

insanemommy said...

Oh, I felt like I was walking the streets with you! Priceless...

Mom-of-Bean said...

I so miss European cafes and breakfast...what is it that makes them so special?

Snowflowers Mum said...

Maia, the photo of the Louvre and the couple with the brolly is AMAZING...it's a strange juxtiposition between something that feels very timeless(the couple) and something fiercely modern (the Louvre)

oh...I guess thats the whole point of the place anyway.

I remember sitting on the lawn eating my brioche and seeing the stones of the Louvre turn pink in the evening sun as it set.

I have no connection to France, quite the opposite in fact(being that I'm a New Zealander, and we dont have a very good relationship with the French!) but i cannot help drifting back and remembering some of the better moments in Paris.