Since I'm going through old photos, I thought I'd do a series on our life in the highcountry, before we moved to Denver. This is, granted, not the best photo ever...but this is a picture of Sam on my old standard hike, the hike I did every day for close to 15 years, by day and by night, winter and summer. The hike I miss so very, very much...

Climbing La Plata Peak, my favorite 14er.

Sam, halfway up La Plata.

Cooling his heels in a glacier.

Mommy and Sam at 14,000 feet.

Late afternoon, high above the treeline.

M. taking a shower above Steamboat Springs.

Heading out.

Lounging at the Yoos' cabin outside Steamboat Springs.

A highcountry breakfast.

Don't worry, it's just for skeet shooting.

Flowers of the high tundra.

Topping out at the summit on a late summer afternoon.

Lodgings from the mining days.

August in the high country.

Stunning Missouri Lakes on a rainy afternoon.

M. and Sam lounging after a long hike.

Redcliff lodgings.

Redcliff in January.

Setting out on a hut trip for my birthday, without nearly enough supplies. Note: don't head out on a hut trip in February without studying the map first!

The legendary Colorado Trail, overlooking Copper Moutain.

Late summer daisies.

My dog. Whom I love. More than life itself.

Sheep on Sheep's meadow, Meadow Mountain, Minturn .

Preparing to summit Mosquito Pass, the highest road in the US.

Cresting out on Mosquito Pass.

Breathing thin air.

Exploring old mines above Leadville.

The Manhattan Hotel, Salida.

Maia's old stomping grounds...Salida, the town in which she first learned to swim (no, not in the Arkansas river).

Lake Dillon, Summit County.

Summer runoff above Vail.

Sylvan lake summer.

Overlooking Lake Dillon.

The Lime Creek hike, outside of Redcliff.

Autumn grasses and redrocks.


Maia said...

Sigh. Makes me miss the mountains for sure. So lovely!

Mamacita said...

I love my state.

Vivian M said...


Chrissie Larkin said...

I'm reeling with homesick feelings!!! I miss Sean and my times there so much! Its just not the same to hike anywhere else!

M@rgriet said...

'Stole' your daisies (= Margriet) as my desktop picture for a while!

Yoli said...

Oh Maia, those are lovely. Makes me want to go live there!

Snowflowers Mum said...

I lived in Vail for a summer, Basalt for a summer and Boulder for a winter and Summer...I even met my husband at a bonafide cowboy wedding(groom was a horse wrangler)

I love colorado.

those photos are wonderful...but I am guaranteed beauty when I visit your blog so it's no surprise

Ty's Parents said...

Aaaahhh. Beautiful pictures. I lived in Estes Park back in the early 90's. These photos remind me of my old hangouts. There is something about the mountains.