For Meg

Since my old college mate Meg saw fit to send me an '80s music video (of sorts) the other day, I got a little nostalgic and had to take a quick trip back to my photos from college...which are, sadly, few. I was not much of a photo-taker in those days. But here's the old gang on the steps of our house on campus. (Interestingly enough, I have actually moved on in my musical tastes since the '80s).

Ah, Middletown. By the time M. and I went back for a visit a couple years ago, I couldn't have even picked out this street. It was so familiar at one time...

Meg in London, the same year that Margriet and I were in New York together in the previous post. I missed you then and I miss you now, Meg. You're a rockstar!

(Incidentally, I'm not done with my reminiscences. Nick, if you're watching, stay tuned in a couple days for some photos from the PAW years! I still have a couple, if not such a thorough archive as you!)


You Know Where You Are With said...

Okay, so I've finally been pulled out of lurkdom. What's the story of the Mount Holyoke College sweatshirt?

I'm an alum. Of the 80s.

Vivian M said...

What wonderful memories! And even cooler that you are still in touch with everyone!

Yoli said...

There is nothing like a walk down memory lane. All your friends are tall!