In addition to the walking, crawling and standing-up advances, I forgot to mention one major advance: affection.
QQ has been friendly since we first met her. She has been smiley and sociable and even giggly. But her affection has been definitely reserved. Shortly before surgery, I mentioned that she'd started very tentatively kissing me on the mouth. I thought that surgery would really set her back in the affection department. But it has been just the opposite. She is actually more affectionate now. She seems more willing to touch her mouth to mine, in spite of the pain and discomfort (not to mention the drainage of various fluids, which leaves crusts on her nostrils and lips).
This morning, once M. and I were both awake, she set about showing us that she loves us both equally. She laid her head down first on my knee and then on M's, offered a cheek first to me and then to M for a kiss, and repeated both actions for at least 15 minutes, apparently determined to show us that she not only loves us both but loves mostly to have us both withing reach.
I am so impressed by this new affection. How is it that, after we tricked her into trusting us, and then took her to the hospital and handed her over to people in funny headgear who knocked her out and cut her open, she is willing not only to trust us again, but to show us a whole new level of love and affection? I'm so impressed. I'm so amazed and grateful and stunned at her strength and intuition.
What an amazing person we've been given as our one and only daughter. What did we do to deserve her? I only know that I will have to do a great deal more for her in the future in order to make up for all this generosity and faith.
I can't even tell you how much I love this child.


Vivian M said...

You know she is learning this from the two of you, so give yourself some credit!

A Beautiful Mess said...

Our girls are amazing aren't they?!?!

Awe inspiring.

Glad things are going well.

crazylady said...

I'm getting caught up.
The things that transpire in a week, holy shmoly!
I was riveted reading about how QQ has endured. Spirits look to be on upswing again.
Becoming parents brings out a level of devotion we never thought possible, doesn't it? She is radiant. I can't wait to see the full smile beaming from ear to ear very soon.
Best wishes for continued healing.

Yoli said...

One never knows the love that our parents spoke of, until we ourselves are parents.

Carrie said...

oh wow-that is great! what great stage of bonding this is! I like that part of it!

Maia said...

Lovely! What a wonderful little girl she is! The love between you all is just palpable.

Laurie said...

She knows her parents love her...it's a huge gift for all three of you.

For the record - I am absolutely bawling at this post. You are an incredible writer.

Cavatica said...

Qui Qui has too much important stuff to worry about to let a little surgery slow her down. Standing, walking, loving, growing. "Surgery?" she says... "I scoff at you!"

Glad to hear she's doing so well.

MotherMotherOcean said...

She looks really good!

Heather said...

That's wonderful! The same thing happened with us after Sydney's OHS. I'm so glad that QQ's surgery brought you all closer. She obviously is learning that you and M are her parents and her caregivers no matter what.

Margaret Miracle said...

Graeme has been more snuggly too! I am amazed each day...Enjoy! I can't wait for our follow up appointment but I must admit that I am enjoying being home with him!

kris said...

damn it... here i am crying, crying crying and crying- those good good tears, the kind i love to cry and you ALWAYS do this to me girl. god i can't wait for this new kind of love in my life.