Rubber ducky

QQ is still little enough to take a bath in the sink, thank goodness.

We take advantage of that fact, because it's so much fun to have her take a bubble bath at eye level.

She loves her bubble baths, and has no fear of the water whatsoever. You can pour a cup of water right over her head to rinse, and she just blinks widely and blows through her lips and then smiles at you. We really like the California Baby all-natural bubble baths, because they don't sting the eyes, all the ingredients are gentle and healthy, and they each come with a bubble wand in the bottle so you can blow nice-smelling bubbles in the bargain. Oh, and they smell so incredibly good! I'm particularly fond of the Overtired & Cranky scent. What does that say about me?

This gives me good hopes for when we teach her to swim. As with everything else, I think she's going to be fearless, game and delighted with the new experience.

The other reason we like baths in the sink is that our house was built in 1913. The bathrooms are TEENSY. It's not exactly a luxurious experience to get down on the floor and bathe a baby in a bathroom the size of a broom closet, with your back crammed against the toilet and your knees scrunched against the tub. The kitchen is much, much more spacious!

OK, it's cluttered. I'll give you that. Pretty much every inch of counter space is full in our kitchen....but that's just a sign that we love our food and we love to cook. It's difficult to organize, but it feels homey. Ours is a well-loved and well-used kitchen.

Just look at that expression of joy! I can't tell you what it means to me that we've been able to make this child's life such a happy one. The joy she radiates is constant gratification. There just is no greater reward.

I think she likes us. What do you think?


Virginia and Doug said...

She does look like a baby who is very content with her life, and her Mommy and Daddy...and bathtime =)

Virginia and Doug said...

She does look like a baby who is very content with her life, and her Mommy and Daddy...and bathtime =)

Maia said...

Yes. She looks like she's having a lot of fun! So ridiculously cute!

I like the overtired and cranky scent as well.

Deirdre said...

So, so cute! She looks beyond blissful.

I love the kitchen sink baths. I still have a memory of being bathed in the sink and insisting to my mother that I was too old to be taking sink baths. She said, "Don't be silly. Your father still bathes in the sink." And I believed it. :-)

Vivian M said...

I wish I had taken pictures of Kerri's baths in the kitchen sink. These are precious memories you all will cherish some day!
And what's wrong with a cluttered kitchen? You should see mine! I use every inch, and cook every day- and I know exactly where everything is.
By the way, I think the affection is mutual, Flynn is reciprocating all the love you two give her on a daily basis!

A Beautiful Mess said...

she is one happy baby:) and she is a littel squirt!

I remember taking baths in the sink as a kid:)

When we visit my mom all the "little" kids get dipped in the kitchen sink . She has an old victorian with a big ol'sink!

Lost and Found said...

I spy California Baby. Emme loves her bath too as long as the animals can play.