We've created a monster

OK, I know this isn't exactly cool...but I just can't step away from the irony...

...QQ loves my Starbucks cups.

She turns them over and over in her hands, pats the logo and grins at me. What is this black magic that Starbucks has going on? Initially, I was convinced that they put drugs in the coffee. But according to QQ, even the logo has some faerie dust in it that makes it instantly irresistible.

"I know you want this back, Mommy..."

"...So much, that I'm willing to give it back to you. You know, just so you don't go into some sort of withdrawal..."
(Fear not, this cup had already been drained. Our child was exposed neither to caffeine nor to whipped cream).

We all really love it when M. plays hookey from work for 45 mins or so in the afternoon, and comes home to play with us.

Especially when the weather is so nice and the light so gorgeous.

Happy girl peeking over shoulder.

We have a lot of jack'o'lanterns this year. All carved by daddy. Two of them were grown in our own flower garden. If I carve, I always end up with some elaborate project which takes hours and hours. M. cranks 'em out. And it's not worth it for the elaborate ones around here because we have a handful of squirrels plus a fox who likes to chew pumpkin faces, starting with the mouth. One night, and it's all over.

Check out the pumpkin closest to M. which was given a frontal lobotomy by some wiseass squirrel.

Look at that cute behind!

She just kills me.

Still with the Starbucks fascination. (She's only sucking on the rim, much as it looks like she's chugging it).

The outfit is another from Maia R's loot, btw. I have to say, the kid can rock the tie-dye!

See? Empty.

They should be sponsoring this kid.

Why is she standing in her highchair, you might well ask? She's a risk taker. Stitches and all. Last night, she stood up in the running stroller, while I was running. I don't even know how she did it. Maybe she's going to be one of those circus girls who stands on the back of a galloping horse (my best friend and I used to try that when we were kids...we never got past a walk, however). Needless to say, I had to pull the screen down over the stroller after that. I'd strap her in, but it just makes her crazy, so I use the screen topper instead. She gets angry, but not quite AS angry.

Attack of the tickle monster.

You don't scare me, mommy.


Maia said...

Oh lord - I loved those shoes. It gives me a happy little pang to see QQ wearing them now that FF can't fit into them anymore!

FF totally recognized a Starbucks cup- and demands a sip of whatever we're having. Much to my shame.

You Know Where You Are With said...

That tie-dye and those cute red-seat pants were Emme's orginally! They went to China with us. (Insert little nostalgic sniff here.) I love that Flynn has them now...Emme Lu recognized them right away, but says that she likes them on QQ.

sarahthefantastic said...

Neat to see the third special Jiangsu child wearing those gorgeous colours!
Here are my coffee cup theories: *the pedestrian one is that she loves to imitate you so much she copies your every move.
*the out there one is that she recognizes the numinous quality of the picture in the logo. (it is a from a tarot card after all.) She just gets more beautiful all the time. The longer hair looks so lovely on her. Glad she is getting better and better. (great strategy with the hats, btw!)

kris said...

all i know is your adorable QQ is full of life life life and i just love reading about her - and seeing all the pics- she cracks me up and warms my heart- and is, so perfectly, a lot like her mom and dad, in so many ways.

Yoli said...

I know too well the lure of Starbucks. I am a recovering Starbuckholic and I fall off the wagon a lot. Love her happy little face with the Starbuck cup. The pants with the red-seat are just adorable. I love your pumkins, I have yet to find a stand that sells them here.

She just seems to be getting smilier and smiler with each passing day. Thanks for sharing Maia.

Maia said...

I knew Linda would have to post when she saw Emme's clothes show up! We LOVED those little red seat pants, too. Sniff indeed! These kids just keep growing!

Vivian M said...

Maybe you should forward these photos to Starbucks?
Kerri knows to order Daddy a double/double at the Tim Horton's drive-thru (our version of deluxe coffee/donut shop - and a double double is 2 creams and 2 sugars in your coffee).
Very adorable, thank you for my daily dose of Flynn cuteness!

Cavatica said...

Bing-Bing also loves the Starbucks cups - well any of my leftover cups. I have a danger-girl too. I'm happy to say that she hasn't gotten badly hurt yet. I think they develop some sense about their dangerousness, although pushing parents beyond the limit, but not themselves. I did the same climbing trees. It's payback time now!

insanemommy said...

She is recovering so well. Look at her all smiley and happy. She radiates sunshine and happines..

Tish said...

love the peek-a-boo over daddy's shoulder photos!