For Margriet

Yesterday I spoke of the wonderful card that Margriet made for QQ...here it is! A bit too detailed for this format,but you can click on it and see it in all its glory (including a bit of our distant history from middle school!)

Margriet in Turkey recently with her two gorgeous daughters!

...and here we were the last time we saw eachother face to face, a few years ago in Paris!

1985 in Woodstock, the lovely summer we had together just after I graduated from Wesleyan.

...and Margriet in NYC the same summer. Sigh.
Thanks for the memories!


Cavatica said...

Awesome card! She sounds like a great friend.

Yoli said...

Beautiful friend and memories

M@rgriet said...

how cool is that! txs! xxxxx M&M's 4ever (in more sense than one these days!)

Vivian M said...

Wow you all looked so young! Not that you look old now, you still are both fabulous!

M@rgriet said...

Looked young? We WERE young, hahaha. Spring chicken young. Fresh skin great complexion young. No grey hairs natural hair color young. No need for proper light when taking a picture young. No need for photoshopping young. We have more than doubled our age since these pictures were taken!