Hayley and Brittany save the day!

...and Flynn gains a new buddy.

As some of my friends know, I've gone back to work earlier than I'd planned, due to a project that simply couldn't wait. Since I'm an illustrator, "going" back to work doesn't mean leaving the house, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to make this compromise. As it is, thanks to the parameters of the project and Flynn QiuQiu's affable temperament, I'm actually able to work in smallish increments while she plays in my studio. But, as with most jobs that I really want, this one is on a tight deadline (sound familiar? Story of my life.) so I needed a little extra help.

Hayley to the rescue! And I don't know how many times I've had occasion to say those words. Hayley is a sympathetic ear, a generous gift-giver, and a fount of essential advice for new moms. I am SOOOOOOOOO lucky to have "met" her early on in my adoption journey.
And no, that's not her in the picture with QQ. That's Brittany, Hayley's former babysitter, who, as it happened, had just moved from Hayley's 'hood in Minnesota to Denver in order to take a job as a nurse at our very own St. Lukes! Hayley heard of my plight, and immediately shot an email to Brittany. It just so happened that Brittany had a week off before starting work...exactly when I most needed her! Boy, I must have done something right to deserve this kind of good fortune!

For most of the past week, Brittany has been here for a few hours a day playing quietly with Flynn in the livingroom, and giving me a precious interval of free work time. Brittany is wonderful, and (to give credit where credit is due) I also need to be grateful for Flynn's confident and social temperament. My girl is always open to meeting and enjoying new people. As a new mom, I was glad to see her stretch out an arm for me every time I passed through the livingroom. I was also grateful that she didn't scream bloody murder if I left the house to run an errand, or if Brittany took her for a walk!
Brittany starts work next week and I have no doubt she's going to have her hands full, but I'm hoping she'll come back from time to time to give me a work break or to give Mike and I a date night ;)
I can't tell you how thankful I am to Hayley, to Brittany, and to Flynn, for making this transition so seamless!


Vivian M said...

I think it is very important to have a support system in place so you can have free time, me time, work time and couple time. We don't have that here and boy, could we ever use a Hayley or Brittany!

Snowflowers Mum said...

awesome! we get Bethany, you get Brittany...what could be more perfect! Thank God for twins!