My mother, the painter

My mother has been working on a series of paintings for a museum in Flagstaff, Arizona where she did a residency last fall. For a few years now, she has been coming out twice a year to travel the Southwest in her van and paint the landscape. I love these paintings, especially now when our own traveling has been curtailed by work, school and the financial burdens of adoption. It makes me nostalgic to see her beautiful images of some of our favorite vistas.


sarahthefantastic said...

Wow! They are all just stunning! Your mom is amazing and you are super lucky!
Between your photos of Colorado and your mom's paintings you have got me itching to get down there for some sight seeing! When I was a child the only exposure I had to those kinds of landscapes was through Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner. Is that a common experience? I thought those backgrounds the coyote was running past were all just made up! But then National Geographic and Maia's blog set me straight! As soon as those adoption debts are paid off we are on a plane and heading south and west!
Thanks again for the daily doses of colour, beauty and story. They do me good and a day without QQ is now pretty much unthinkable! (But NO pressure! If you feel like taking the odd day off, go ahead! We will survive somehow.)xoxoox from sunny Ottawa.

Lisa and Tate said...

Makes me crave S. Utah. Something I have curtailed because of the adoption costs AND lack of focus on anything that is not Tate or related to her. There will be a visit in the spring time for sure when I can introduce Tate to the joys of red rock country!

Mamacita said...

Wow. Fantastic! I love her work. You share such a talent and such passion for your work! It makes me think that I need to find something that both Lina and I love, so we can always share a special mother/daughter bond.

Vivian M said...

She is so very talented. I love them, and it reminds me of the desert in Nevada where I would go with my Dad. Just beautiful!

Barbara said...

"to travel the Southwest in her van and paint the landscape" I have a children's book of Georgia O'Keefe and that line could have been pulled from it! She too traveled around with her supplies, setting them up when she saw inspiration. Your mother's work is awesome!

Yoli said...

Those are exquisite. Maia does she sell any of her artwork?

Like Sarah I am dying to see the landscape.

crazylady said...

Nice to see the family.
These paintings are breathtaking.
You have the most memorable family of all the bloggers I have ever read.
Truly inspiring.

QQ is qute qute!