More on the mountains

No, we didn't go back to Vail. I wish!...But I realized that I hadn't finished putting up our pictures from the last trip, and I still have some good ones!

M, QQ and Max setting out through Arrowhead.

Picking our daughter an illicit bloom from the expensive landscaping.

She does love her flowers.

The landscape that I love.

What do you suppose they're feeding?

Can you guess?

Mmmmmmmmmmmm (worried llama-hum)

One finally gets bold enough to come close.

The dogs held at bay.

This llama (definitely the alpha) didn't like the looks of Max.

In fact, I think he was hoping for a fight, you know, mano-a-mano.

We didn't let that happen.

QQ loves mirrors. I love that they attach one to the kelty pack so you can keep in touch during the hike. How cool is that?

Daisy season.

The best time of year in the mountains.


fourlittlehawks said...

I lived for a time in Corrales, New Mexico, and many of our neighbors kept Llamas. Your comment about the nervous humming llamas made me lol! (I think my brain actually makes that sound when I'm nervous).
I'm very glad Max and Numero Uno Llama had an intervention team in place so that a diplomatic resolution was reached in time. Your husband is quite the maverick for picking flowers in Vail - I heard they have the death penalty for that up there!

Vivian M said...

Love the pictures!

Carrie said...

I love your pictures of Vail and We are having our 10 year Anv. coming up in Jan. I may head up there. How is it in Jan?

kris said...

man her smile could light up the world

M@rgriet said...

backpack baby, how cute is that!