It's that time of year....when all of downtown Denver decks out for the holidays. I have to admit that it always makes me wide-eyed as a child to see it.
QQ was a bit more jaded about the whole thing, coming as she does from the mean streets of Xuzhou ;), but we decided to bundle her up and take her down to Lodo's Skyline Park where this year's Christkindl is taking place. The German Christmas festival, has, in previous years, taken up residence in Cherry Creek, so we were glad of the opportunity to see it so close to home.
On the way down 16th Street, we stopped to show Q her first horse (that we know of), a gorgeous draft horse named Heather (just look at those feet! Aren't they luscious?)

Christkindl is yet another of those things about Denver that makes you feel like you're living in a small town rather than a sprawling and bustling city. I love the buckets and baskets of hand-knitted socks and peaked caps, warm winter scarves and mittens.
The strollers were out in force, checking out the booths of handblown and carved ornaments.
This was my favorite booth...something about it...
We even had the chance to see Sinterklaas (well, that's how you spell it in Dutch... is it the same in German? I'm not sure.) who is at least to my eye so much nicer and more elegant than our Americanized Santa at the mall. He even has a real beard! Although QQ (as you can see by her squinty gaze) was very suspicious, and I think she was convinced that his beard was fake, because just after I snapped this picture she reached out and tried to snatch it off his face. Needless to say, it didn't budge, and Q had to concede that Sinterklaas was, if not entirely trustworthy, at least genuine.
The clock tower lit up for the holidays.
Mmmmmmmmmmm.....marzipan!!!! I am a fool for marzipan. I managed to resist buying any, because for me, a single marzipan is a slippery slope into marzipan gluttony. Like potato chips, I can't stop at just one. However, the market does go all the way until Christmas eve...
Stars decorating Skyline Park.
There was even a toddler-sized carousel...ride at your own risk!
QQ is to small to ride unattended, so M. risked the integrity of a tiny chariot in order to ride with her. I'm not sure whether she enjoyed the experience...but she has time to come to appreciate the carousel. Mommy's a bit of a carousel junkie.
We topped off the evening by driving by the Capitol building on our way to take daddy back to work.
...oh, and remember that booth full of lovely, delicate wooden ornaments? Well, I told myself I could chose just one. After several passes by the booth and a great deal of deliberation, I chose this humble tree. I think I made the right choice. What do you think?


Snowflowers Mum said...
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Snowflowers Mum said...

love the tree...and ooooh, had I known, I would have had you pick me up some blades(wooden) for our poor german ornament that suffered a case of the wrong sized candles, hence the need for new rotar blades...and that stand seems just like the wee store in Germany we bought ours at.

I was dreading calling Bavaria for new ones, my German is bad at best.

A Beautiful Mess said...

aaaahh the christmas market...it seems to be just as magical in Denver as it is in Europe.

Yummy marzipan. I think I sent you a bread that has marzipan in the center. My oma would save me pretty little fruit shaped marzipan:) That is some good stuff!

Will Sinterklaas be visiting flynn this year?? our kids put out their wooden shoes with treats for Sinterklaas,black Peter and the horse (of course) and in the morning they usually find a chocolate letter, and a hat or mittens. It is a fun tradtion that we are looking forward to caring on with Sophie ( not as much fun whith the big kids since the "know")

Lisa and Tate said...

What a cozy Christmas festival! Love the wooden tree... I am shocked and in awe that you were able to restrain from the marizpan! Just the sweet marzi pig puts me in a giddy lovin' Christmas trance. I guess this is what happens to me being raised by a couple of crazy Norwegians. Good thing the marizpan can be purchased until Christmas eve.

Mom-of-Bean said...

It's Santa Claus (or Klaus or St. Nikolaus) in German and "Samichlaus" in Swiss German...the latter even has a black-hooded sidekick named "Schmutzli" (think Grim Reaper and you're pretty close visually) and he takes care of the kids who have been bad...it's a miracle my generation made it to adulthood...happy Holidays to you...I know you love this time of the year and this year must be extra special for you all.

Julie said...

I LOVE Chriskindel!!! Oh my gosh, those spiced nuts you can buy warm by the bag - AMAZING! Thanks for posting the photos, makes me miss Denver... :)

M@rgriet said...

My childhood marzipan trauma: finding out that some kids who had found their way up to my room while their mom was having coffee with my mom while I was at school... ate half of the piglet I'd been taking tiny little bites from... NO ONE TOUCHES MY MARZIPAN PIGLET :-(

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Yes! I always used to get a marzipan pig from my mom at Christmas. Mmmmmmm!