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As many of you know, I usually don't do tags...because at this point I can barely find the time to upload my pictures, much less anything else. For those of you who don't already know, my husband works fulltime at a TV news station (by necessity - his insurance is what pays for Q's many surgeries) and is simultaneously studying for his MBA at DU's Daniels Business School. This means that he is pretty much a seven-day-a-week guy, and I am (at least for this first year) a seven-day-a-week mommy. Oh, and we don't use daycare, so that's 24/7, really.
But I'm making an exception to my "tag" rule today because I'm miserably laid up with cramps and can't do anything constructive. Daddy has taken the Q out shopping with friends this afternoon, and I am crumpled in a painful little knot in front of the computer screen (these are the only times I ever find myself regretting that we don't have TV). Besides which, Ivy asked so nicely...so here I go (and ONCE AGAIN my profound apologies to those whose tags I have not had time to complete in the past...really, I would do them all if I had the time!)

8 Favorite TV shows

(Disclaimer: We don’t have cable. We do, however, download and watch a few favorites once a month or so from the internet...)

- MadMen
- Dexter
- Battlestar Galactica
- House
- The Office
- Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

(That’s all I’ve got)

(Oh....wait, guilty admission: during my long and ugly bout with parasites, I developed an unhealthy attachment to GossipGirl. Eeesh.)

8 Things I look forward to:

- time in the studio
- our daughter learning to talk
- my mum’s visits
- my daily run with Q in the jogging stroller
- morning espresso
- M’s spaghetti nights
- Our first camping trip to the desert with Q
- Seeing our SIL, BIL and the kiddos over the holidays

8 things on my wish list

- a good, regular babysitter so I can start taking commissions again
- a new (used) car for my husband
- a better future for our nation
- snow on Christmas
- a less-cluttered studio (as if!)
- good health for our family
- smooth and easy surgeries for our daughter (this one should really be first on my list)
- a new lens for my camera (since I seem to have broken yet another one. Sigh. Those are the perils of carrying your camera in your diaper bag...with the juice, and always having a baby in one arm.)

8 Things I did yesterday

- made a hand-bound book for a friend's Christmas present
- suffered from ridiculously bad PMS
- felt so sick that I couldn’t go to the Christmas fair with my husband and daughter
- started (just barely!) on our Christmas cards (....maybe by NEXT Christmas!!)
- watched the heavy snow fall in the moonlight
- slogged through my overloaded photoshop and downloaded the last month’s photos onto CDs
- Sang Kimya Dawson's “You are my little panda bear” repeatedly to our daughter
- spoke to my mum, who just had a brilliantly successful gallery opening in Arizona

8 Favorite Restaurants
(disclaimer: my husband is a former chef, so we eat well every day of the year. Good restaurants, while we certainly enjoy them, are just icing on the cake.)

- Tae Bao in north Denver for the best hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese food in town (their lemongrass shrimp teeters at the very top of my favorite-food-in-the-world list)
- Sato in Vail for Sushi and Asian fusion (spicy garlic edamame = awesome!)
- Snooze in Denver (for fanciful breakfast fare and vintage-slash-hipster decor)
- Sushi Hai on Highlands Square
- Indulge in Denver (for real, straight-from-Normandy French cooking)
- Asian bakery at the Far East Center for Banh Mi sandwiches (if you have never had a banh mi sandwich...go find yourself one! It's pretty much the best flavor ever invented.)
- Brickyard Barbecue for burnt tips and ends
- Spicy Basil on Broadway for spicy basil shrimp or green curry


Vivian M said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Love the tag, and if I am ever in your area I will check out those yummy sounding restaurants!
And by the way, you aren't the only one trying to catch up with holiday cards. I mean to get them done on time every year, sigh.

Chrissie Larkin said...

ahhhh my mouth is watering a little with the thought of food in denver!!!where are we going first??? :) i can't wait to see you guys either!!!

Yoli said...

Whenever I am in Denver, I will have to check out some of those restaurants. You need a tv girl, there are so many shows now that are actually good.

Snowflowers Mum said...

okay, I'm writing down a list of those restaurants for our trip...snooze sounds right up Mikes alley!

We like some of the same shoes, the Office is a particular fav, and unlike most brit-Us conversions, it's actually very very good.

I have to say, flight of the conchords and summer heights high are also on our list of goodies, but they are on HBO. oh and entourage....oh crap I'm a tellyphile!

I also need a new(used) car...I would like a Subie, to replace my slowly dying one.

my wish...a healthier world, less war, orphans, poverty and AIDS...more compassion.

Happy Hols...see you soon

Snowflowers Mum said...

oops shows...although I'm pretty sure i'd like your shoes too.

My Heart Beats In China said...

Oh Maia, if I had a uterus It would ache for you! Ouch, I remember those miserable days...well, you certainly did a great job on the tag. I feel like going back and changing things, however, I wrote how I was feeling in a weary state of mind.

It's funny how many people I now know who don't have TV. Yet I'm so busy with K these days, I don't have time to watch much. Elmo rules the roost anyway, so my shows can wait!

Yum yum, don't remember any of those restaurants. Will jot them down! I love edamame'.

Great job, hope you feel better! Motrin and hot water bottles used to help. Thanks for participating!



kris said...

we just barely started on our xmas cards too.. i'm behind on everything this year!!