My sister-in-law always finds us the most beautiful clothes. Some of you may remember the six diaper bags she gave me last Christmas, while we were waiting for QQ!...and I Always have to show them off. This year was the year for jackets. She always gets my style just right!
Love the trench coat. I am definitely a trench-coat girl!
As for QQ, it isn't Burberry...it's from Guangzhou. They only had one size for little ones and it was wa-a-ay too big for her when we were in China. But I'd seen two little girls in an icecream shop window in Nanjing, both wearing these dresses, and they were so adorable that I had to have one for Q. I can't believe it almost fits her now!! Next year she can probably wear it out and about.
M's family also bought her several gorgeous Matilda Jane pieces, including that knot-dress I've been coveting! But they are all sized for next year (fortunately, since that's about when we'll start running out of all the cute hand-me-downs we've been sent!), so the pictures will have to wait!


Yoli said...

You made out like a bandit and QQ looks adorable in her Burberry! You would never know it is not the real thing.

Maia said...

Ah, but see, the beauty of the hand me down chain is that we keep getting them from Emme Lu, and so I'll just keep sending ours to QQ. As long as the girls keep growing -there should be multitudes of hand me downs! But that dress is adorable for sure!