I've finally got around to scanning the photos from Susan's photo shoot with all seven kiddos that currently make up our family circle. Amazing how much we've expanded in the past couple of years!
As you can imagine, it's no mean trick getting seven little ones to sit tight and smile at the camera. I was not there on this particular morning, so I can only recount what I heard, and imagine the teenage employees of the photo studio furiously waving toys and making silly faces in an attempt to distract all and sundry.
Most of the group complied, but for some reason the twins found the photo studio to be unaccountably terrifying, and reacted accordingly...for the entirety of the sitting.
There are so many things that crack me up about this photo...the effort on Victoria's face as she, the eldest, attempts to hold the group together and maintain her "photo face" at the same time, Harrison's frozen smile and numb cheeks as he tries to hold his position - priceless. Poor tiny Holland, who is very even-tempered normally, found the twins' stress contagious, it seems. But my absolute favorites are Isacah's down-turned look of quiet disapproval, and QiuQiu's undisguised look of disdain, as if to say, "Dude, are you kidding me? What is your problem?"
Sans twins, Vic, Harrison and Q look quite a bit more relaxed. I love the way Q crosses her legs at the ankle. She has always done this, ever since our first week together in China.
The two youngest, Q and baby Holland. How sweet is this?
This I think is the most relaxed picture in the bunch - you can see that the girls are at ease with eachother. And I love Isacah's sweet little smile...so prim and feminine. QQ seems to have taken the whole thing in stride. She doesn't smile for the camera - this serious face is rare at home, reserved for photographers and other strangers, but she looks quite at ease and not at all alarmed. I'm constantly amazed by what a trooper she is (though I understand that she absolutely refused to wear the Santa hats that Susan bought for the group...and I knew that was a lost cause. Getting Q to wear a hat is a lot like trying to lassoo a mongoose, I imagine).

btw we have Chrissie and Susan to thank for all the beautiful Matilda Jane outfits! Pretty spiffy, no? I can't wait for Q to grow into the rest of hers!

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Cavatica said...

Her hair is getting so pretty and as always she is radiant!