QQ's social holidays continued last night as M and I welcomed a surprise visit from our some old friends from our days in the mountains, on their way back north after spending the holidays in Austin. Mike made my favorite winter dish - a hearty spaghetti made with olives, capers, hardboiled eggs and spicy sausage. Here, QQ watches him whipping up a batch of avocado and tomatillo dressing, a light, spicy recipe from a cookbook my mum gave him for Christmas.
E and G playing with QQ's cat piano. There's something so sweet about watching brothers play together.
Here's my question about this photo: who left the laundry room door open, literally exposing all our dirty laundry? And why did we not manage to put the vacuum cleaner away?
The arrival of boys in our household meant the unearthing of all sorts of dangerous toys we didn't even know we posessed (along with a lot of uneaten candy...no one in this house eats candy, and it's embarrassing how much of it ends up stashed in little corners of the house, left by well-meaning guests or left over from halloween. Since Q has no interest in candy, we never even notice until someone else's children begin to unearth it). The toy rifle that G is holding was not purchased for a child. It was a joke present for a Bonnie-and-Clyde themed Christmas, long before we even thought about adoption or parenthood. One of those Western-themed toys that have occupied the racks of truckstops and gas stations across the southwest since the 1970s (or earlier, for all I know!). I can't believe it has traveled with us through at least three moves, only to be found, inevitably, by someone else's child! Ah, well.


Yoli said...

Lovely pictures, it is wonderful when friends visit. About the toy riffle we are not politically correct so Mr.Man has one.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It was me... I left the laundry door open and cleaner out... sorry... hehehehe
Have an excellent 2009... of course Flynn is as cute as a button - just had to put that one in there...

Carrie said...

Funny about the Toy Riffle and the candy! I always find candy every where and eat it!!! Hope you have a Wonder New Year with your sweet Family!

sue williams said...

If you didn't have a toy rifle handy, they would point their tiny boy fingers and go "POW-Pow"! I have 6 grandsons, never needed a "real toy gun"...so

Pictures are great, love to see QQ doing so well....and the description of the food, well, my mouth is WATERING!!

Happy New Year,

love sue arlie and jia

Ty's Parents said...

You are making me hungary! I was born and raised in Austin, TX and while I consider myself a decent cook, I do not have all the ingredients necessary in Central Illinois!

Flynn is looking absolutely gorgeous! Our little guy,Ty, is having his palate surgery on Jan. 5th. We are praying for complete health and clear weather! We are used to Illinois winters,especially after living in Iowa and CO, but the in-laws are not!